Spiders are disturbing guests. It is unsettling to look down and see a spider running across your carpet. In an instant, you can find yourself flooded with a feeling of dread that spurs you to fast action. The last thing you want is for that spider to get away before you squish it. If it is small enough, you may do just that. You may use your foot. You may use a book. You may use any number of objects that are immediately available to you. If it is a larger spider, you can find yourself in the middle of an ordeal. You might rush to find a cup or bowl to cover and capture the spider. Why do we do this? Why do we act so quickly to eliminate or capture spiders when we see them? One reason that sits at the top of the list is that spiders are venomous critters that can be dangerous. But just how dangerous are spiders in Raleigh? Should you be fearful of spiders? Let's take a look.

black widow spider up close
brown recluse spider up close

Most Spiders

There are many spiders in Raleigh that can be pests inside our homes. Most of them will do nothing more than leave a small red welt on your skin if they happen to bite you. Some of them don't even do this. If you see a little spider racing across your floor, it is likely that it is one of these, mostly harmless, spiders. While you may certainly not want it living with you, there is little to fear. Not only does it have a mild venom, but it isn't likely to bite you. Spiders don't consider you to be prey. You're far too big. In fact, most spiders don't consider you at all. They will ignore you entirely.

Dangerous Spiders

We have two spiders in Raleigh that can be a threat to you. They are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. Both of these spiders are reclusive. You aren't likely to ever see one crawling across the rug on your floor. They'll hide in your attic, storage rooms, wall voids, and other secluded locations.

Black Widow Spiders — These small, black spiders have a strong venom. If a female black widow bites you and gives you a full dose of venom, you can become very sick. It may even result in a visit to the hospital. Fortunately, it is rare in the U.S. for anyone to die from a black widow spider bite.

Brown Recluse Spiders — These small, brown spiders have a venom that can cause necrosis. This can lead to a disfiguring wound. Fortunately, the majority of brown recluse bites do not result in a spread of necrosis. It is, however, a good idea to have a physician monitor bite wounds caused by brown recluse spiders.

How To Prevent Bites

There are many ways you can guard against spider bites of all types. Let's break them down into two categories.

Interior Spider Bite Prevention

  • Pull beds out from walls.

  • Remove skirts from beds.

  • Avoid having bedding hang down and touch the floor.

  • Wear slippers or footwear when walking around at night.

  • Shake clothing, towels, footwear, and clothing before use.

  • Be cautious when going into storage rooms.

  • Be cautious when opening boxes or other items taken out of storage.

  • Remove spider webs inside your home. This will remove the eggs that can be on these webs and prevent those eggs from hatching in your home.

  • Put down sticky traps to monitor spider activity.

Exterior Spider Bite Prevention

  • Wear gloves when moving brush, leaves, grass clippings and objects in your yard. Spiders can be underneath.

  • Wear footwear when outside, especially at night.

  • Remove spider webs with a spider web removal tool.

Spider Prevention

The best way to avoid spider bites is to not have spiders around. Makes sense, doesn't it? This is where the team at Go-Forth Pest Control can help. We use industry-leading pest control strategies to eliminate spiders inside structures, and we reduce spiders around structures to prevent them from getting in. If you have questions or you'd like to request service, reach out to us. We're here to help you with all your pest control needs.


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