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Are you in need of termite control in Rock Hill, SC? Termites are among the most destructive pests that can invade your Rock Hill-Charlotte home. An infestation is often characterized by wood excavation, termite noises, subterranean tunnels, and the appearance of termite shelter tubes on the property. There are several other signs that could point to a termite infestation. It is often recommended that as soon as you notice an invasion, you initiate proper termite control measures in order to prevent the problem from escalating. Whenever you hire the services of an expert exterminator, they tend to insist on conducting an inspection prior to beginning the termite control procedure. Call us today so we can do a termite inspection on your home today!

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Termite Inspections In Rock Hill, SC

While many Rock Hill, SC property owners overlook the importance of inspection in termite control, this is actually one of the most critical stages in the entire process. Inspection is important in several ways, some of which include:

Identifying The Type Of Termite

In order for you to come with the right termite treatments, you need to identify the actual termite that has invaded your property. There are various types of termites that include drywood, subterranean, and dampwood. The right control measure varies from one termite to the next.

For the best results, you need to be specific about the treatment you apply. This is one area in which the initial inspection will come in handy. Through the inspection, the exterminator will easily identify the type of termite that has invaded the property. As a result, they will be in a better position to initiate ideal control procedures.

Locating The Termite Nest

Typically, only the worker termites leave the nest. The soldiers, kings, and queens are often left in the nest where they are fed by the workers. Killing the termites that come to the surface or those underneath shelter tubes doesn't solve the termite issue. To permanently solve the problem, you need to destroy the nest and kill the queen. Before this is done, you need to know the location of the nest. This is another instance in which the importance of inspection stands out.

Through an inspection, you will determine the exact location of the termite nest. The process will also help you understand the tendencies of the termites and how to best get rid of them. Dispensing termite treatments on the actual location of the nest is not only efficient but also cuts down on the amount of treatment required, thereby minimizing costs.

Identifying Their Entry Points

Termites are a resilient species, and a re-infestation cannot be ruled out. The best local pest control experts need to provide guarantees of long-term solutions. While delivering their services, it is important that they advise you on how to keep termites off your property. This is a whole lot easier after an inspection is done. Termites have their entry points and blocking these areas can keep the pests away for quite a while. An inspection helps you isolate these areas, allowing you to effectively prevent entry of termites.

As can be seen, assessing termite invasion is critical to the entire control process. Considering this, you should ensure that the expert whose services you acquire does this before embarking on the control measures.


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