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Keep Rodents Out Of Your Charlotte Home

Rodents are pests that no one wants in their Charlotte home. Not only will they drive your pets to destruction, but they’ll also cause some major problems for your family. Rodents are known to spread diseases through their contaminated droppings that often end up in pantries and on food prep surfaces. They spend a lot of time chewing, often gnawing through sheetrock, insulation, wiring, pipes, and other elements of your home that can be dangerous if damaged.

If you have reason to believe that rodents have gotten into your house, don’t wait until they’ve caused illnesses and damage to take action against them. The sooner you evict these furry pests, the better. Go-Forth Pest Control offers rodent and pest control services to eliminate your infestation and keep it from returning, and we have over 60 years of experience doing so.

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Rodent Control From Go-Forth Pest Control

Free Inspection

While some signs of a rodent infestation are unmistakable, others are a bit more subtle. If you think you have a rodent infestation but aren’t sure, let our experts check it out for you. We’ll inspect your home for any signs of rodent activity. If we find any, we’ll also work to determine where the rodents are spending their time. This information helps aid our treatment efforts to make them effective quickly.


When you have a rodent infestation, the first order of business is getting rid of every rodent in your house. We do this through a combination of glue boards, traps, and bait stations. This service is monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs, and designed first to eliminate your active infestation, then prevent a new one from forming. If you sign up for an ongoing service plan, we warranty your rodent control service.

Exclusion Work

For the best results, you don’t want to simply eliminate your rodent infestation, but also prevent new rodents from getting inside. To do this, you must seal up the entry points they use to get inside. We offer ground-level exclusion work to seal rodent entry points.

Stop Dangerous Rodents From Entering Your Home

Keeping your house healthy and safe is one of your top priorities, and when rodents invade, they make it very difficult to do either one of those things. Let Go-Forth Pest Control take care of rodent problems for you. Whether you need help eliminating an active infestation or want preventative services to avoid a problem in the first place, we can help! Contact us to schedule a free inspection today.


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