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Do you think your home in Salisbury, NC has fleas? Go-Forth Pest Control can help. Fleas usually enter homes on pets but can live on humans too. Our technicians will make sure your home is free of fleas and protect it from happening again. They are trained to know where fleas like to hide and will make sure they have covered all the areas. Call us today or click to get a free quote on your flea control now.

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Flea Facts

Fleas like to live on different hosts. They are mostly found on animals like dogs and cats, but can also live on humans. Fleas can leave red, itchy bites on your skin that can develop into a rash. They not only leave bites but can transmit different diseases. Fleas have been known to cause heartworm in dogs and cats that cause different side effects and can lead to death. They can be found on pet beds, furniture, and carpet. Fleas can reproduce fast once they find a host to live on, so it is important to let a professional take care of the extermination.

Fleas can jump for 30,000 times without getting tired and stopping. Because of this, they can quickly move from one place to another. Also, they can jump from one host to another without difficulties.

Larvae of fleas are usually hidden in the dark as they don’t like the light. With this, those larvae are typically found on darker areas like carpets, beddings, mattresses, floor cracks, or corners. And, not all larvae are found on pets like dogs and cats.

Female fleas can easily increase their population which can lead to infestation if not removed. They can lay 1,500 eggs which are hard to handle if not treated immediately. Even with their lifecycle of 14 days to one year, they can give thousands of eggs before they die.

Some fleas usually stay inside the pupae for months or a year before they come out. They wait for the right moment - an environment combined with movement, heat, and carbon dioxide. Once they get out of the pupae, they will start to feed on pets like dogs and cats.

Pets that always stay indoors are also susceptible to fleas as those pests can be present in backyards, sidewalks, or the property. Dogs or cats can develop severe allergies which can be inconvenient. When fleas are visible on your pets, better get rid of them quickly by calling an exterminator near you.

How We Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas do not only feed on your pets like cats and dogs, but even you and your family can experience their infestation. That’s why Go-Forth is here to help you. Our company provides pest control services that are trusted by several customers even in local areas. We use proper and effective treatments that can drive away fleas and even insects, bugs, and other pests present in your property.

As your pest control company, we guarantee that our processes and methods are safe and will not cause any danger to you and your pets. Rest assured that once you call us, you are in good hands. When fleas are getting out of hand, don’t ignore them. Instead, call Go-Forth, and we will come to you as quickly as possible.

Flea Company Near Me

We are a local flea control company near you in Salisbury. We also serve our customers in local areas. Call us today! Let Go-Forth take care of your flea extermination today in Salisbury.


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