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Rodent Facts

Rodents love to invade homes because they are warm places with big food supplies for them. They usually hide in walls, furniture, and even pantries. Even though you have only spotted one rodent, there is probably a nest of them waiting for the food supplier to come home. Some signs of rodents are droppings and small holes in furniture and food packages. They use their razor sharp teeth to get through different materials, which is why some nests are made inside of walls.

Rodents can be found anywhere. They are fond of roaming around. Some rodents can be found even on ships that travel around the world. Regardless of the location, once rodents have found what they are looking for, they will be present.

Rodents’ teeth do not stop growing. They love to chew using their teeth which allow them to cause damages at properties. They can eat anything with their big teeth such as papers, wires, wood, books, and lead pipes.

Drowning rodents might not be a good solution. Some rodents can swim and can tread in the water for some days. Once they are flushed, they can easily find a way back using the same route. The possibility of getting the toilet clogged is higher than drowning those pests.

Rodents cannot vomit as a barrier is present between their esophagus and stomach. That’s why poisoning them can kill them quickly as they cannot release the toxins that they have taken in.

Rodents can reproduce quickly! Every three weeks, female rodents can give birth to up to 15 babies. Once they gave birth, they can get pregnant again within 24 hours. The babies can already reproduce even they are just six weeks of age. They may not live long, but they can still reproduce quickly. Having rodents at your property is both bothersome and damaging. To prevent your home from a rodent infestation, call an exterminator near you.


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