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Are there bed bugs in your home? Go-Forth Pest Control of Thomasville can help get rid of them now. Bed bugs can disrupt one of the most important things in life, sleep. At Go-Forth, we have the experience and skills necessary to find and exterminate the bed bugs in your home. They know to not just look on your bed, but other hiding places they are known for. Give us a call today or click to get a free quote on bed bug control now.

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Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs are nocturnal which is why they only bite when you’re sleeping. They like to travel in suitcases or on clothing, so if you just stayed in a hotel or went on a trip, check for bed bugs. Once they find a warm place to sleep, they will start to reproduce and invade your entire home.

They are not always on the mattress, but have been found on bedside tables and the walls of bedrooms. Bed bugs like to bite on exposed skin like your arms, neck, and hands. They can survive months without food, so if you think they have gone away on their own, they might just be hiding.

Bed bugs are everywhere. They don’t only dwell in cities, but they can be found in any public places where hosts are present. From single-family homes down to movie theaters, bed bugs can be found. Once they hold onto their hosts, they will feed on them non-stop.

Bed bugs are not into traveling. They are lazy pests as they don’t like moving. They may not only hide in mattresses, but they can hide even on picture frames. There are some bed bugs that can travel up to 100 feet while there are some who don’t like to move more than 30 feet. Because of their slow pace, they may need a day for them to reach a mile.

Bed bugs can live up to 18 months, even without any food intake. Bed bugs that are regularly feeding on their host have a longer lifespan. However, even if they die, their population will never decrease as female bed bugs can give birth to 200 eggs in their lifetime. Bed bugs shouldn't be underestimated as they can even cause a massive infestation. Before they get you, get them first by calling an exterminator near you.

How We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Here at Go-Forth, we can deal with bed bugs successfully. We know how to get rid of them to give you a bed bug-free home. Our exterminator will meticulously check your property from the outside down to the corners of the house to find bed bugs. We don’t only eliminate bed bugs, but we can also get rid of insects and other pests bothering your home. Rest assured that we only make use of safe and effective treatments that can drive away bed bugs. Our services are always in high quality, yet offered at affordable prices. Don’t let those bed bugs bite you non-stop. Whenever you need pest control services, Go-Forth is here to serve you!

Bed Bug Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local bed bug company near you in Thomasville. We offer high levels of services at low-costs which are better than others. Our customers in local areas can also enjoy our same-day service. Call us today! Our customers value our service, and you can see that in the reviews. Let Go-Forth take care of your bed bug control in Thomasville today.


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