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Termites can be a costly pest problem for many Winston-Salem residents. Go-Forth Pest Control of Winston-Salem has been serving the area since 1959. Our state-of-the-art termite control solutions can get rid of your problem at an affordable price.

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Eliminating Termites Since 1959

Since 1959, Go-Forth pest control of Winston-Salem has offered service and support to hundreds of customers in dealing with termite infestations. In addition to being a headache, termites can cause significant, sometimes irreparable, damage to your home.

Our exterminator company’s goal is to not only to rid your home of these problematic pests, but to keep them from returning to your home in the future. Our termite control technicians and accredited WDIR termite inspectors will cover every inch of your home to find and eliminate the source of your termite problem.

Applying only the safest and most advanced extermination techniques available, our termite control service will not only eliminate your pest problem but help to keep it from recurring in the future.

Termite Control Services In Winston-Salem

The termite control methods we apply differ according to the level of infestation and the size of the building. In controlling and eradicating termites, we employ measures which could be physical, chemical, or biological. We also combine these methods as required. Depending on the level of infestation, the length of the implementation of termite control measures differ.

During the observation phase, our team discusses the measures of controls with our clients. We design several options and present the client with them. Our company also discusses the safety of the chemical methods we apply in our termite control process. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the process. The performance of the control processes we apply is also measured. All our control measures are meant to eradicate termites completely, and since termites are not visible, we carry out a post-implementation observation. This is mostly for projects with high levels of termite infestation.

All our control measures are client-focused. We ensure that the properties of our clients are protected from termites. We also design specific control methods for each client. Our company incorporates client peculiarities in each of our projects. Our goal is to ensure that homes and properties are protected from termites, and we give it our best.

How We Get Rid Of Termites

Go-Forth is always dedicated to giving you a termite-free home. We make use of proper and effective treatments that are guaranteed to eliminate termites. We don’t only get rid of termites - we also get rid of insects, bugs, and other pests like rodents, fleas, ants, and bed bugs. Our company provides the finest and reliable services which you cannot experience from others. Our exterminator in Winston-Salem is highly trained, licensed, and certified to perform termite control or any pest control. Whenever you need us, we will come to you as fast as lightning. If you don’t want those termites to ruin your property, let Go-Forth handle them, and we will get rid of them once and for all.

Termite Company Near Me

Go-Forth is a local termite control company near you in Winston-Salem. We offer services that are high quality, affordable, and can get rid of termites, insects, pests, and bugs. Our customers in local areas don’t have to worry because you can also experience our exceptional services. Call us today!


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