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Go-Forth Pest Control has been in business since 1959 and has expanded the company to major cities like Wilmington, NC. They are a third-generation family owned pest control business who prides themselves on customer service.

In 1959 the original Go-Forth Pest Management was started by Frank Goforth and his wife in High Point, NC. They had a vision of creating a family owned pest control company that would focus on their customer service and help people in the area.

Over the past few decades, Go-Forth has changed its name to Go-Forth Pest Control and has been dedicated to pest and termite control.  They have grown to different cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and even Columbia, SC.

The Wilmington, NC technicians can help in surrounding areas like Ogden, Wrightsboro, Murrayville, Kirkland, Silver Lake, and more!

Trained Wilmington Technicians

Go-Forth Pest Control is owned by third-generation Chase Hazelwood and his wife Leah. They make sure this company is family-based and takes care of each of their customers. They want to make sure everyone is happy with their pest control services.

The Wilmington technicians go through training before they are allowed to service your property. They make sure they are knowledgeable about each pest and how to effectively exterminate them for you. They will help you understand the services and answer any questions you may have for them. If you are interested in knowing more about this company and their services give Go-Forth Pest Control of Wilmington a call today at (910) 208-0218.


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