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Buzz: What To Do When You Hear It


We've all been there, you're amid a balmy stroll in your yard when suddenly you hear an unsettling noise: "buzz." Coming into contact with a hive or nest in your yard can be challenging and stressful, and dealing with insects of the buzzing variety can present unique stress and challenges if you find yourself unprepared.

Three Easy Steps To Dealing With Stinging Bugs

Go Forth Pest Control has compiled a list of tips on dealing with flying foes in a (hopefully) sting-free manner, while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

1. Identify The Buzz (Species & Location)

This will largely depend on their appearance and/or their nest location It's important to remember that hornets often build their nests in a high-up location, such as a tree. A hornet's nest is also often made of what appears to be a paper-like material. A beehive, the home of the honey bee, is often also elevated but made of a waxy substance that forms into cells or honeycombs. A wasp nest is the most tricky, as it can be both above or below ground.

2. Alert Any Family Members & Keep Children/Pets Away

After you have a good idea of the type of pest and the nest location, it's best to keep as far away from the nest as possible. Ensure that pets are either indoors or in a location where the risk of coming into contact with the nest is minimal. Keep children and other family members away from the nest. This is especially important for those who have exhibited previous allergies or reactions to bee/wasp/hornet stings.

3. Call A Professional For Safe Nest Relocation

Leave the removal and relocation to the professionals. Although taking a baseball bat to a nest may seem daring or exhilarating, it's a terrible idea. Our professional technicians have been trained to deal with nests in the safest way possible. The nest can even be relocated to a safe area (far from your home) in most instances. Don't let spring stings get the best of you this season. As soon as you hear the Go-Forth Home Services today!