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The ABC's Of Ant Prevention


Whether they’re crawling across your picnic blanket or going two-by-two into your pantry, the ant is undoubtedly one of the most prominent warm weather nuisances. The sheer number of ants in one colony alone can turn a slight headache into a full-blown hazard. These tiny creatures are capable of immense amounts of damage. But, you can help keep your family and home safe by following the guide below.

Ant Elimination Made Easy!


Ants normally enter a residence in search of food. Ensure that you’re routinely tidying up crumbs and wiping your counters. Don't forget to put open food in airtight containers and to keep any pet food bowls empty outside of meal times. Clean around areas that have been problematic in the past. Reducing evidence of the pheromone trail left by previous ants can deter new pests from following in their footsteps.


Be sure that any crevices or cracks that lead into your home are sealed. The more difficult it is to enter a home, the less likely that ants will be enticed to do so. If you’re unsure about where to begin ant proofing your home you can request a consult with one of our highly trained technicians.

Call A Professional:

Don’t forget that in some cases, ants can be more damaging to homes than termites. It is important to speak with a professional about effective control of ants before your problem gets out of hand. Proficient ant control not only deals with eliminating a current issue but also prevents future pests from returning to your home. A proactive pest control solution will help deter subsequent infestations by regularly treating the outside of your home’s foundation. Call Go-Forth Pest and Lawn today to discuss which of our service plans best fits your needs and to receive a free quote today!