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Household Rodents In Greensboro, NC


Rodents are groups of mammals that include mice, rats, squirrels, and hamsters. Rodents cause damage within properties and in the field. The destruction of agricultural produce caused by rodents yearly is also significant, especially in storage facilities. The services of rodent removal companies near Greensboro are necessary for removing rodents and preventing further entry.

Apart from damage to properties and agricultural products, rodents are also vectors of diseases. Their fecal droppings and urine are media for transmitting disease-causing organisms.

Rodent Identification In Greensboro & Beyond

Rats and mice are the most common household pests. They feed on almost everything, from leftover food to important documents and electrical appliances. Although rats can be mistaken for mice and vice-versa, mice are usually smaller than rats. In controlling rodents in homes, rodent exterminators need to identify the type of rodent. Rodent removal companies deploy experienced exterminators to ensure that all the hiding places of rodents are discovered. Points of entry are also discovered and sealed by rodent exterminators. Professional rodent control is important because rodents are sneaky animals that maximize the tiniest gaps as points of entry.

The most common household rodents are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. Their distinguishing features and habitat preferences are highlighted below. In a bid to survive in the colder temperatures, they invade home. These mice are usually very small and may be black, dark brown, or grey. These mice are also very curious and may be seen running around during the day.

The droppings of house mice, in addition to their size, are a distinguishing feature of this rodent. The droppings are small, dry, and pointed at both ends. Rodent exterminators search for droppings in identifying house mice. House mice also leave gnaw marks which can be seen on furniture, books, and other materials. Although house mice are not carriers of specific diseases, they cause significant damage to properties.

Norway rats are also common in households across the US, especially in New York. Norway rats are bigger, more aggressive, and dirtier than house mice. They also carry a lot of disease-causing organisms. In controlling Norway rats, rat removal companies employ means aimed at identifying their nests and sealing their entry places. Norway rats produce quickly and seek warm areas where they propagate. Norway rats also search for food actively at night and are less active during the day because of their bad eyesight. The fur of Norway rats is usually coarser than house mice, and Norway rats are also darker. Given that they feed on almost everything, transmit diseases, are highly aggressive, and can create nests within homes, the control of Norway rats requires the service of an experienced rodent removal company.

Roof rats are also common in households. They nest in the roof and other high-level areas of a building. These rodents enter homes from trees through windows, eaves, and other entry spots. Roof rats search for food more actively in the night and create a lot of nuisance.

The type of rodent in a building guides the control activities of rodent exterminators. Rodent removal companies thus pay a lot of attention to identifying the particular rodent species within a property.