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Termite Inspection Near Me


Request a termite inspection at your local Go-Forth pest control of Greensboro branch. Our Greensboro branch serves both residential and commercial customers, but we also serve other areas of the Triad, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, Wilmington, and Hickory, NC. Most times, at the point of detection of termite infestation, the damage caused is already significant. Thus, termite exterminators aim to eradicate the termites and prevent subsequent infestations.

Learn About Termite Extermination

Because of the ability of termites to cause massive destruction to many wooden materials and structures, it is imperative to employ specific and effective control methods. Termite control companies ensure that infested properties and their surroundings are properly treated. The most common termite control methods employed by exterminators are the use of liquid chemicals and the use of baits. Depending on the type of termite, the application method differs. The termiticides can be applied to wood or soil. The use of chemical methods and baits is further explained below

Chemical Method

The chemicals applied in the control of termites include termite-killing and termite-repelling chemicals. Termiticides can be either repellents or non-repellents. Non-repellent termiticides kill the termites while termite-repelling chemicals deter the termites from occupying an area or property without killing them. Repellent and non-repellent termiticides can be applied to the soil or wood. For termites that breed in the soil, subterranean termites, the termiticides applied to the soil provide a long-lasting effect. The chemicals are applied by pest control around properties to prevent the infestation of termites. Non-repellent chemicals kill the termites that come across the barrier while repellent chemicals ward them off. Eventually, the soil-breeding termites within a property die since they cannot return to the soil to continue their life cycle. Trenches are dug around the foundation of properties, and the termiticides are applied to the trenches which are then covered. Different types of termiticides are available which are highly effective.

The choice of the termiticide employed depends on factors such as the composition, type of termite, and level of infestation. Termite exterminators, in consultation with property owners, choose the most effective chemical for a particular termite problem. Termiticides can also be applied to wood. Since there are termites that do not breed in the soil, wood application of termiticides is an essential control method applied by termite control companies. Borate-treated wood, surface sprays, and injected sprays and foams are some of the ways termiticides are applied to soil. The aim of applying termiticides to wood is to destroy the colonies of termites within the wood and prevent the creation of more colonies. The application of termiticides to wood is also a long-term way of preventing termite infestation. During the construction of properties, wood can be treated with termiticides to prevent termite infestation.


Termite control companies also use baits as a method of controlling and eradicating termites. The baits are applied below ground in the yard or indoors around mud tubes known to be active. Baits can be anything palatable to the termites, and it is usually coated with a slow-acting chemical. Slow-acting chemicals are essential for baits as they are the most effective. The termites eat the bait, go back to other members of their colony, and eventually die there. Other members of the colony then feed on the carcass increasing the spread of the chemical. Baits are usually placed in strategic positions decided in the processes of monitoring the property. Depending on the type of termites and the level of infestation, termite exterminators can decide to combine both chemical and baiting methods or stick to one method.  

Termite Inspection In Greensboro, NC

Go-Forth Home Services of Greensboro has been providing termite control solutions for areas near Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem area for decades.  Termite infestations can be very costly for homeowners and business owners alike, so protect your property with a termite control solution.