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How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally


While it can be such a delight to bring in strawberry jams and cereals in your kitchen, it can also be irresistible on the part of ants to stay away from the sweet smell of these items in your home. And because of this sweet tooth that ants seem to have, it can be a problem for homeowners since sharing your food with ants is not ideal. And so, we have listed some ways how you can get rid of ants naturally to keep your kitchen fresh and ant-free.

All-Natural Tips For Ant Extermination

There are several ways to get rid of ants in your home or business. Below, are a few all-natural methods you can try your hand at.

Essential Oils

When ants go out to look for food, they mark the path from the food back to the nest through the use of a pheromone trail. Other ants, on the other hand, use the antennae to smell and track their way back to the path leading to their nests. And because of this, it is pretty much safe to say that ants can easily be distracted and swayed from their nests by interfering with their ability and sense of smell.

Peppermint Essential Oil

We know that peppermint Oil smells great! While this particular oil is used by humans to boost alertness and mental health, it can cause the opposite for ants. All you have to do is place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and then wipe the cotton on baseboards and other spots where the ants would usually enter. Moreover, you can dunk a cotton ball into the peppermint oil and leave the damp cotton on different spots in our house depending on where the ants would usually trail into. Repeat this process until you see that the ants are completely gone.

Clove Essential Oil

Eugenol is one of the primary components of clove oil. It is an insecticide that provides fast results once it comes into contact with pests. It can be used for a wide variety of house or building pests such as cockroaches, fleas, crickets, spiders, ants, dust mites, wasps, spiders, crickets, and many others. This specific substance has no residual activity which means that, unlike other essential oils, its smell does not linger. This is not a bad thing since products that contain a high eugenol content are considered to be minimally dangerous for the environment or the users.

Lemon Or Orange Oil

Both Lemon and Orange contain a substance called d-limonene which is very dangerous for ants. It disturbs their ability to smell. All you have to do is leave on a few drops of lemon or orange oil on a cotton ball and have those cotton balls placed on spots where there are usual ant activities or you can simply mix it with water and use it as a spray. While there are many other methods you can use to get rid of ants, you can simply call in our team of experts to get it done for you the best way – effectively and efficiently.

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