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How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax


Borax powders are commonly sold in grocery stores both local and not. It has a shelf life of about three years which makes it very handy for storage and house use for different sorts of purposes. For pest infestations, borax can be used directly. However, if you want to achieve the best results by using this chemical, there are a lot of different ways.

Also, using borax properly benefits the environment in a lot of ways since it still serves as a chemical that works against nature. You’re going to have to keep in mind though that direct exposure to this substance may cause irritation to both the user’s skin and eyes and ultimately it can cause respiratory issues when inhaled.  Here are some of the ways you can use borax to cure an ant infestation in your home.

Borax Powder For Ant Extermination

First off, be sure to wear your safety gear. You are advised to wear goggles, face masks, and gloves when using borax. After you’ve done so, then you can sprinkle the borax powder on different corners of your house such as electrical outlets, outdoor garden, etc. However, if you have children and pets living at your home, we strongly advise not to use boric powder and to just resort to other ant control remedies instead.

Second, you probably know that ants are very much attracted to sugar. And so you can use this to your advantage, make a bait for the ants that will attract them through the sugar contents and smell of the product. Lure them into this agent through honey, syrup, molasses, etc. Ultimately, of course, sprinkle some borax powder to the bait.

Third, boric acid can be a great ingredient for homemade insecticides for ants. To create one, all you have to do is mix this substance with warm sugar and honey. Once you have an even mixture, pour it over to the ant nests in your garden and other places where they are nesting.

Fourth, another simple natural remedy to kill ants is to use sugar with lukewarm water. All you need to do is dissolve 1 cup of sugar into 1 cup of water. After you’ve done this, then you can add 2 tablespoons of borax powder to the mixture. Simply drench cotton balls in this mixture and then leave the cotton balls in the infested areas – preferably the entry and exit points on the nest.

Fifth, another natural method is through the use of peanut butter bait with borax powder. This peanut butter shall serve as the attraction for the ants to come near which will result in them dying once they eat the peanut butter.

Last but not least, call in experts. Go Forth Pest Control services are the way to go if you need to have pests controlled in your home. Simply give us a call and our team of experts and well-trained professionals will be there to help you with your ant or other pest issues.