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How To Get Rid Of Ants Outside


Ant infestations are probably one of the worst that could happen to any home or building. Simply because it can never be too simple as just spraying something to end their trails and colonies. You’ll be needing persistence when it comes to getting rid of them yourself. 

Effective Tips For Getting Rid Of Ants

Whether they’d be in the garden or your lawn, you’re going to have to go straight to their nest. And so we’ve compiled together the following methods for you to eliminate these ant nests in your area.

Boiling Water

As simple as it sounds, it is one of the most known and effective ways to eliminate ant nests. All you’ll have to do is simply look for the entry and exit points to the ant nests and then pour the boiling water inside the nest. However, you may be required to do this several times until all ants, eggs, and colonies are eliminated.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is one of the well-known methods when it comes to home remedies for pests. Simply mix in the boric acid powder with sugar until the mixture turns into a sticky or paste-like substance and then simply put this mixture to the entrances of the ants to the nests. While these ants may be attracted to the sweetness of the sugar, they will also be drawn to the paste in which they will carry and consume back to their nest. When the queen and the other ants in the colony eat this bait, they will ultimately die because of the boric content.


We know, worms are probably one of the very few things that you wouldn’t want to deal with. But truthfully, they have benefits for instances like these. Worms are the natural predators for ants, and so it makes these species both real enemies. The capacity of worms to hunt for ants in the tiniest of places makes Nematodes very effective for ants. Simply put these worms near the entrances of the ant colony so they can easily reach their prey's nest.

Dish Washing Liquid

Another method that seems to have a very high success rate when being used to deal with ant infestations is by creating a mixture of dishwashing liquid and oil. This mixture ultimately soaks onto the ant’s exoskeletons which suffocates them because of the oil. You simply need to mix half a teaspoon of the dishwashing soap then another one and a half teaspoon of the cooking oil and of course, a quart of water. Once you’ve properly mixed these substances, simply put them on a spray bottle and spray on the areas leading to the ant’s nest. You can also use this to directly spray on the nest if you’ve located it.

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