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Ant Extermination In Cary, NC


Ants as we already know are ubiquitous creatures and live in colonies, and the area of Cary - Raleigh, NC is not an exception. This means that when someone suffers from an ant infestation, the aftermath can be quite detrimental to the individual or family. Ants create colonies that vary in size from a few predatory ants to well-organized colonies that may occupy larger crevices and comprise of countless numbers of ants. Ants are social animals so wherever you find a few ants you are most likely going to find a full colony and its queen. To fully exterminate an ant colony, one must understand how they operate and their behaviors. Majority of the ants we see around are just worker ants and spraying them hardly exterminates the general infestation.

A Comprehensive Guide To An Ant-Free Home

Ants may enter your house foraging for food or seek shelter. Understanding the behavior of ants will assist you with the proffered pest management procedures outlined here. They enter through the smallest openings, searching for water or food. Their quest is based on either sweet-based food or protein/grease-based foods. Once they find a source of food, ants will put a pheromone trail in place for other ants to follow. A key phase of the ant extermination process is the initial inspection. Follow the trail of ants to locate the colony. Ants give off a chemical pheromone trail along their routes to and from a source of food, so other ants can easily find the food. Inside a house, inspect the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all areas of the kitchen.

You can spot carpenter ants which are the most common ant species, emerging from damaged wood inside the house, or foraging outside in woodpiles, rotted or water-damaged wood, and tree stumps.

There are two categories of ants:

  • Ants that live inside the house
  • Ants that live outside and forage inside the home

As for ants that live in your home:

  • Be sure to seal open food items once opened for use to prevent future infestations. Ants can be very crafty when it comes to finding food items and alerting the rest of the colony.
  • Ant Baits are one of the most tested and trusted means of controlling ants. They are safe to use around pets and children when you follow directions. Ant baits come in gels or granules. The active ingredients in these baits may have sugar or protein as its main constituents, to attract a variety of ant species and target their dietary needs.

As for ants that live in your home but forage outside:

  • Be sure to seal cracks and crevices to avoid entry into the house. Ants are extremely tenacious when it comes to finding spaces; you may not be able to seal them all.
  • Clean all entry points with any detergent to wipe off the chemical trail pheromone, then spray a non-repellent residual insecticide around the perimeters of the house and points of entry.

If you have ant problems don't forget to call us. We can help you with your ant control in Raleigh and Cary, NC. We have years of experience dealing with all types of ant infestations.