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Don't Let The Cockroaches In


If there is one insect that everyone knows, it's the dreaded cockroach. And everyone knows they don't want them in their home! The biggest problem with cockroaches is that once you see one, you know there are more. Among the most rapidly multiplying insect/pest, there is, it's hard to get rid of cockroaches once they've chosen your home.

Keep Your Property Free Of Cockroaches

People have long believed that cockroaches are "dirty" or that your house is "dirty" if you have a cockroach infestation. That's just not true. Cockroaches prefer "clean" spaces, but are attracted to food deposits and water. That's why they are most commonly found in the kitchen, such as in cupboards, behind the stove or refrigerator, or near sinks and bathrooms. Homes with small children and pets are among the most likely to have cockroaches due to normal activities. This is also the very reason cockroaches can be dangerous. Cockroaches are not your typical dangerous bug; they don't bite or sting, or hold any poisons that can harm you. The real danger comes from the fact that they are often attracted to water and can get into your home through drains and cracks. This puts them in contact with bacteria that can be harmful to people if ingested. So if we're not eating cockroaches, we should be okay, right? Not quite. These bugs track those bacteria into our house and then come into contact with our foods when they get into cupboards, increasing the chance of spreading those harmful bacteria to us. Go-Forth Home Services is happy to make sure your family stays healthy and happy.