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Best Pest Control For Weevils Near Elgin


Weevils. There probably is no other name in the insect world that evokes a life of torment and punishment than the weevils. Though they do not represent life in hell, they can certainly torment you with just their presence alone. For one, weevils are ugly looking bugs with long snouts and tiny bodies. They eat our food. Flour, rice, nuts, and pasta are among their favorites. It makes you think why don't they just eat dirt and rocks instead of our favorite baking ingredients, because once weevils infest our food, they can completely destroy it. They are also known to damage and kill crops; crops like corn, grain, and cotton. Inside your homes, they contaminate your food with their feces. Outside your homes, they can kill your garden plants.

Weevils enter our homes through other food packages that we bought from the stores. Once inside, they transfer to other food sources, they breed, and their population increases. That is how you get weevil infestation.


Weevils prefer dark, damp places. You will also find them near their food sources and inside food packages. Weevils feed on plants and crops. That is why they are also found in gardens, on plants, and orchards.


Since weevils prefer damp, dark places, you can put a damp cloth in dark places within your house. Weevils will soon be attracted to it and inspect it. Once you find enough weevils on the cloth, put the cloth in water to wash them away. Keep doing this as needed.

Once you spot weevils at home, throw away the food products that were contaminated. Then after removing these contaminated products, thoroughly vacuum the areas you think were infested by the weevils. If you find the weevils in newly bought food products, return them to the store immediately. Make sure it will be disposed of properly. The number of weevils should decrease once you are able to locate the contaminated foods.

Keep food in airtight containers. Look for other unopened food items, especially those in boxes, to check if these were contaminated too. Seal off all cracks and openings in your house, as weevils can make this their entry points.

You may also try some natural methods, like using neem oil or bay leaves. The bay leaves are natural weevil repellents. You may put them in your rice or cereal containers. Neem oils should be sprayed on places you often see weevils.

Or You Can Send In The Pros

If after your best efforts the problem still persists, you may ask for help from the experts. If you want the best in pest control, then it’s Go-Forth Home Services Company you want. Go-Forth has been serving and satisfying customers for 60 years now using family friendly and pet friendly methods and state of the art equipment. The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on what type of service that is just right for you.

Go-Forth has been providing pest control services in Elgin since 1959. This is a family-owned exterminator company that has earned the trust of local homeowners and businesses alike.

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