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A lot of people are always finding ways to deal with mice. What exactly does it take to keep these little creatures away? We are here to give you a list of different ways you can resort to in order to keep mice away from your home. You’re going to notice that some of these methods are easy as a piece of cake as what’s usually needed are stuff that you already have at home.


Yes, you read that right. Onions are one of the most basic ingredients that we use in our every day cooking. Onions can come with a lot of uses especially for cooking different types of food. The good news about this is the effects of onion has much more to it than just for cooking, turns out that you can use this ingredient to keep the mice away from your home.

All you have to do is slice up small chunks of onions and put it in the different parts of your home where you usually see the mice enter or exit; these are most likely holes and anything of the same liking. This ingredient will definitely make ensure that the mice are away from any entry points in your home when put in the right places.

Essential Oils

Natural oils or essential oils come in a wide range of uses. What’s better is that they even come in a lot of scents which. As it turns out, using essential oils can be a great help for people trying to get rid of different types of pests at home, even so, mice! Essential oils come in the form of Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and the list goes on.

What’s impressive about natural oils is that its very soothing fragrant smell can be a remedy for us humans, and even relaxation! But as for pests, the smell comes off very toxic for them. How so? This is because the tendency for most pests is that they breathe through their exoskeletons and for some other pests, the strongest and main sense that they use is their nose which results to them being irritated by unpleasant strong smells for them.


Remember those television shows that used to play when you were a kid? The one where the mice always get chased by the big cat in the cartoon? Yes, that’s right! Cats are the number one enemy of mice. And they could be a way for you to deal with the mice you have at home. Having cats would be a great help because they are naturally alert plus, these cute little pets also have an eye for different species that could also be lying around your house.

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