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How To Keep Your Home Pest-free During Spring


Spring is the time when everything feels new and so to pests. This is the season where pests awaken from hibernation and will be busy for reproduction.  When this happens, expect that several kinds of pests will swarm your home.

It is not easy to eliminate those annoying pests especially when the number grows bigger. Regardless of the season, pests like mosquitoes, termites, rodents, ants, fleas, etc. will still cause an infestation. During the season of mating, don’t be surprised to see several pests lurking on your property as they are looking for partners.

Do you want to have a pest-free home during the spring season? Let’s find out how you can achieve it successfully!

Check possible entrances in your home

Pests cannot easily come inside your home if they can’t find any entrance where they can squeeze their selves. But once they found one, expect that other pests around will come inside and bother you. To keep your home pest-free during spring, check possible entrances and seal those holes, gaps, or cracks to avoid any pest from infesting.

Remove clutter

Pests love mess, and if you have it, they will come inside without having second thoughts. The clutter in your home can be a hiding place for pests like piles of paper or wood. Once they found a possible shelter, they will crawl inside and hide in the clutter for a long time. Don’t just remove the clutter, make sure to clean the surroundings as well.

Properly keep the food

Pests are attracted to homes when they can sense an abundant food source. If you don’t want those pests to feast on your food, better keep them properly. Instead of simply wrapping them, you can store the food on containers that pests like rodents cannot easily chew or contaminate. Some pests are disease carriers and letting them have contact with your food might cause complications.

Check and fix water sources

Water is an attraction for pests as it is where they can reproduce easily. They can survive without food for weeks or months, but with the absence of water, it is hard for them to live. If you want a pest-free home during spring, check the water sources in your property to see whether there are leaks and quickly repair it to avoid attracting more pests.

Call a local exterminator

It is hard to clean during spring on your own especially when pests are around. If you want to get rid of those pests during the spring season easily, better call a local exterminator near you. A pest control company can help in eliminating those nuisances as they know how to deal with them. That’s it! These five tips will help you achieve a cleaner, healthier, and pest-free home while you enjoy your spring. When pests are present in your home, you don’t have to worry because Go-Forth is here to help you. As your Affordable pest control services in Apex, those pests will be gone for good. Call us today!