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Mice Exterminator Services Near Wilmington, NC


The Great Plague remains one of the worst, if not the worst, disasters in the history of mankind.  It wiped out a quarter of the population in the entire world beginning from 1347 u to 1351. You can only imagine the terror it caused among the people from that time.  It was said that it took 200 years for the entire population to go back to its original numbers. 

The plague disease was said to have caused by Yersinia pestis, and they are actually caused by fleas.  Though it is incorrect to say that the Great Plague - or black death- started from the rodents as the rodents themselves were victims, they were the vectors.

The Great Plague, or Black Death, is not history.  It still happens up to this day. The United States actually sees an average of seven cases a year.   

On our part, we cannot leave anything to chance.  There is a chance that the mouse you saw in your house this morning is a carrier of the said disease.  For that reason alone, you should want to call a mice exterminator services company to get rid of the mice.  

Signs Of Infestation

If you see a mouse crawling around your kitchen, then you have a mice problem.  Droppings, fresh gnawing on papers, books, cereal boxes, and plastic are good indications that they are there, too.  


Unlike during the Roman period, people of the Middle Ages were not too concerned about sanitation.  Dead animals, feces, and other trash were said to be just left scattered everywhere. These became the breeding ground of the Great Plague. Sanitation is important.  Mice feed on our food as well as our pets’ food.  Enclose food in sealed containers.  Boxes would be of no use as they can easily gnaw on them.  The whole house should be kept free of food particles.   Seal off all holes larger than a dime to keep the mice out of your home.  Remove off the floor, as mice can hide there.  Food should be stored in sealed glass or metal containers, as they can still bite off plastic containers.  Set-up mouse traps at strategic places in your homes. If the mice problem becomes too big, then there is Go-Forth Home Services Company.  They have pest extermination professionals who are well equipped to tackle your rodent problems.  

Call The Pros

Go-Forth Home Services Company provides the best mice extermination services in Wilmington.  They have mice control experts that are professionally trained to eliminate mice both in your homes and in commercial spaces.  They look for mice in hiding places that they are known to dwell.  Go-Forth also uses industry-leading extermination techniques so you are assured of a worry-free, mice free home or office.

Go-Forth has been around the industry since 1959.  That is 59 years of solid experience eliminating pests found in homes and in commercial spaces. People from Wilmington have learned to trust them because of the excellent quality of service they provide.