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Wasp Control Company Near Lexington, North Carolina


Lexington is a city located at the county seat of Davidson County in the state of North Carolina. It is known to be part of the Piedmont Triad region of the state and is located at the central part of it. It is also directed 32 kilometers south of another famous city called Winston-Salem. As part of central North Carolina, the city hosts some of the major highways in the state such as I-85, I-85B, U.S. Route 29, U.S. Route 70, U.S. Route 52, and U.S. Route 64.

Another thing about Lexington is that it used to be one of the major manufacturers of textiles and furniture makings. However, in the late 1990s, the local businesses in the said city resorted to transferring their operations to other areas and regions such as Asia and Mexico in order to cut on operational expenses and the like. This has caused a great impact on the lives of those who depended mainly on these companies for employment or business. It has also impacted the industry and economy of the city at the time which on the latter became the reason how the city became as diversified as it is today.  

The climate in Lexington is that of the same as other cities located in North Carolina, humid subtropical. This only means that the people get to experience all four seasons of the year just that what happens is they get to have longer summer seasons and slightly warmer seasons because of the high humidity in the wind.  

This type of weather behavior creates a very inviting environment for pests to dwell in the most concentrated spots where it is warm, moist, or damp. Since it’s pests that are potential problems for places that have places like these, Go-Forth Home Services has strategically located some of its branches to cater to the Piedmont Triad region residents and businesses.  

Here are some of the services that we offer:  

Insect Control

Bees, hornets, and ultimately wasps. These are the type of insects that we usually deal with through our Insect Control package services. Wasps, in particular, are usually found in places such as parks and gardens. If you have a garden nearby or you have one of your own, then your area will be really prone to wasps and other stinging insects. But worry not, for our pest treatment services are FDA approved meaning all products that we use are now harmful in any way to the environment.

General Pest Control

Whether or not it is stinging insects, mice, or termites that you’re dealing with, Go-Forth Home Services has got you covered! Our general pest control treatment allows for a wide range of pests to be dealt with especially if your place is not invaded by just a very specific pest of which will require another type of treatment. This pest control treatment works great in defeating various types of pests you may have at home.  

Go-Forth Home Services has everything covered for you in terms of your pest treatment needs. Call in our team now and set up an inspection with our field experts!