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Control Methods For Pest Control (Hickory Exterminators)


No matter how much you clean your home, there will always be at least one pest species to infest it. Even the best hotels and restaurants experience this too. This is why they need to upgrade their methods for pest control. As soon as they find pests roaming around the kitchen or the rooms, they call for a pest control expert without question. Without urgency, it could lead to bankruptcy or poor reviews.

In the case of household managers, without urgent elimination of pests, it could lead to a variety of damages to the interior and exterior areas of the house. Besides, it could lead to different pest-related illnesses that could put people’s lives at risk.

You don’t believe me? Here are the most common pests that infest homes and establishments:

Most Common Pests That Infest Homes & Establishments


These creatures are common indoors and outdoors. Especially before winter, ants look for shelter where they can outlive the cold temperature. You can see them crawling on your walls and floors trying to find a safe space to hide during the season.

Houses and establishments are some of their main targets. It provides all of their needs during the winter–warmth, moisture, and most especially, food. In extreme infestations, they can damage appliances as they try to live in these too.

Living in a house full of ants is troublesome, knowing that they can bring bacteria that can cause diseases. These creatures crawl in different spaces. From there, they can harbor a variety of harmful pathogens. This is why you need to prevent the infestation of these creatures. Tiny as they are, they are perilous at home and establishments.

Bed Bugs

This is another parasite that you need to keep away from people. It is common in hotels, restaurants, and theatres. But they can also infest households and gardens.

Typically, bed bugs are outdoor pests. But when they need shelter to outlive the cold weather, they will latch on to the first person or animal they see.

Experts regard bed bugs as the silent predators. They feed on people’s blood for more than 30 minutes without being noticed. In extreme populations, it could lead to dermatitis and other infections.

It is recommended to change your clothes before going to bed. Also, leave your shoes on the shoe rack when you get home. This will prevent bed bugs from hiding on your couch or your bed.


There are different kinds of crickets that infest homes. Aside from the fact that they cause damages to fabric, plants, and carpets, they bring so much noise at home. Imagine trying to sleep in the middle of the night but all you can hear is the chirping of these crickets. So much for a silent night. You’ll be waking up cranky and restless in the morning because you did not sleep at all.

When hotels in North Carolina experience cricket infestations, they immediately call for help from reliable Cary, Triangle, or Hickory exterminators from Go-Forth Home Services. Depending on their location, they make sure they have the professionals on their speed dial to ensure the comfort and safety of their guests.


This pest is by far, the most disgusting of them all, at least according to most people’s opinion. These creatures are the ickiest and most disturbing pests that roam the household. Have you tried relaxing on your couch then suddenly a roach decides to fly towards you? If it were me, I’d faint.

Cockroaches transmit different kinds of diseases such as Salmonellosis, Listeriosis, Plague, and Leptospirosis. Psychology-wise, it causes Katsaridaphobia which is the phobia or extreme, irrational fear of cockroaches.

Just like ants, cockroaches love to infest homes for food, shelter, and moisture. You often see them in the kitchen and the bathroom enjoying the moistness of the room. They often come out to look for food during the night when there is no human activity. This increases their survival rate to about 100%. This is why pest control methods such as traps are more effective at the night.    


Fleas are not only common to households with pets. They can survive in a house even if there are no animal hosts to feed on. In extreme infestations, they choose to feed on human beings. If you have a kid at home, watch out for these pests. Unlike adults, infants and young children cannot express what they see and what they feel. Parents should be responsible for observing their behavior and their environment.

If flea infestations are not prevented, it could lead to skin allergies and infections to human beings. To dogs and cats, it could lead to acute dermatitis and tapeworms. Small as they are, they cause a variety of illnesses to humans and animals. This is why optimum pest control is necessary for the thorough elimination of fleas.  


Entomologists say that spiders are helpful additions to the garden. They feed on various damaging grubs and insects. However, when their numbers get extreme, their existence becomes perilous. It makes it difficult to work at home because of the never-ending spider activity.

Most spiders are not harmful. They are as scared of human beings as we are to them. They don’t want to be disturbed. This is why they look for quiet places to infest.

In the United States, there are only two dangerous spiders known to infest households–the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider. One bite from these creatures can cause necrosis on the skin. As laypersons, we need to keep an eye on spider populations to avoid harboring harmful species that could put people at risk.

Furthermore, spiders cause Arachnophobia, which is the intense fear of spiders. If children experience compromising situations with spiders, it could scar them psychologically for life.


Experts regard this as one of the most damaging pests in households and commercial establishments. Did you know that these creatures chew on anything? This is the reason why their damage is extensive once they get inside your house. They gnaw food packaging, cardboard, books, and many more.

What’s worse is they chew on electrical wirings which is one of the leading causes of fire in the United States. Experts recommend preventing the infestation of mice before you experience the damages yourself. You’ll regret letting them enter and stay at your place.


The World Health Organization regards mosquitoes as the deadliest vector on the planet. They transmit the deadliest of illnesses including Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Malaria, and Zika Virus. Dengue alone affects 5 million people yearly. How many more people do you think they affect if you combine all cases of mosquito-borne illnesses?

If you think it’s safe to have mosquitoes around in or around your house, think again. It could put your family’s life at risk. If a person is affected by Dengue, he or she becomes a carrier of the disease. When an uninfected mosquito feeds on that person, that mosquito will become infected. This is why you need to keep mosquitoes away at all costs. You can never be too sure if the mosquitoes biting you in your sleep doesn’t carry any pathogen on them.


If bed bugs are the silent predators, termites are the silent destroyers. You’ll only know you’re infested with them when the damage is already irretrievable. Did you know that their damage costs millions of dollars? With a battalion of termites that never stops chewing wood, it’s a matter of time before they destroy your home for good.

The worst part is, it’s difficult to observe the signs of termite infestation especially during the winter season. Which is why you need to have your interiors checked by a professional once in a while.

How To Control Pests Effectively

If you want to get rid or prevent pests, here are some of the most common ways to do so:

Remove food sources
Mice, rats, and ants are attracted to food crumbs and food stains. If you want to prevent them from infesting, observe regular and effective housekeeping. This includes washing your laundry more often, washing the dishes after meals, and vacuuming regularly.

Fix Plumbing to prevent moisture
This is one of the main attractants of pests in households and establishments. If you want to get rid of this attractant, fix the leaky plumbing and check for other water sources that could add to the humidity of your home. It also helps to use a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess water in the atmosphere. That should dissuade pests from entering your home.

Seal possible entryways
Pests are little creatures that can fit through the smallest holes. If you want to prevent them from infesting, check your whole house for any cracks, crevices, broken windows, and broken shingles. If you can’t fix them on your own, have a local carpenter do it for you.

Why You Must Call the Trusted Professional In Pest Control in North Carolina

This is the most effective way to get rid of all kinds of pests. If you call a professional like Go-Forth Home Services, you can save more time and money for pest management. With their help, you can immediately eliminate the pests and prevent them from coming back. What better way to eliminate pests than to do it thoroughly and effectively?

These are only a few of the methods to control pests in households and establishments. If you got pests in your place, you know what to do. Call Hickory and Lenoir area pest control services and let them ensure your safety for the rest of your life.