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What Spray Do Exterminators Use? (Triad Exterminators)


One of the reasons why property owners are beginning to seek help from a pest control company is because pests are now problems inside and out of houses and commercial properties. Vermin are ruining the peace of mind of everyone and sometimes, people develop fears or phobias due to their presence alone.

With the emergence of pests today, it is not safe to stay in a home where cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, termites, rodents, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, and more are present because they are carriers of disease and can even damage your property. Living with them will never be the same so it is always best to have them removed by a professional like Go-Forth Home Services who are well-rounded in handling different pest issues.

Among the most used methods in eliminating pests is spraying. Pesticides are mostly used as sprays and it is the easiest solution in killing pests. Though some pests are removed by spraying, not all pests are exterminated because vermin have adapted to the chemicals which they can resist even if they have received the treatment.

In every pest control, you will naturally see exterminators spraying your house. There are times when you are curious as to what sprays are used such as ant exterminator spray and the likes. You may have an idea that sprays contain pesticides, but do you have an idea of what specific chemicals are used

Here with us, we will help you know what sprays are used by exterminators.

Pyrethrin & Pyrethroids

Pyrethrin and pyrethroids are pesticides used by exterminators. These are active ingredients found in sprays used by experts and only by licensed pest exterminators. This is a chemical pesticide that is used in eliminating pests because it can paralyze pests and will die afterward. These pesticides are derived from chrysanthemum flowers which are known to be good repellers of pests. These chemicals are included in most pesticides that are sprayed on properties. Pyrethrin and pyrethroids are non-toxic to humans and animals so spraying it in the property will not cause any severe danger. It also does not trigger allergies and asthma that some may have. But, if you have pets like fish, using Pyrethrin and pyrethroids is not advisable as this can be dangerous when it gets into the water. Exterminators may have to use this spray to get rid of hardy pests.

Piperonyl Butoxide

Another pesticide used by exterminators is piperonyl butoxide. This is also a famous chemical found in pesticides or sprays that are used to eliminate pests. Piperonyl butoxide is mixed with other chemicals as it cannot work alone so it is combined with pyrethrin and other chemicals to make it more effective. The chemical’s toxicity to humans and animals is mild but exposing it too much is not good as well. Triad exterminators make sure that when using sprays in your home, they ensure that it will not cause any risks to their customers.


Fipronil is another spray used on pests. The chemical can be in liquid and powder form. In pest control, fipronil is used to eliminate certain pests like termites, fleas, cockroaches, ants, crickets, beetles, and weevils. When fipronil is applied, the central nervous systems of the pests that will eventually kill them. Using this spray is less toxic compared to boric acid but it is not good to be exposed to it for too long. Go-Forth pest Control's Triad area exterminators will guarantee that whenever they spray your home, they will see to it that all places where pests are present are sprayed thoroughly.

These are the common sprays used by exterminators. These chemicals help in eliminating vermin successfully and it should only be handled by professionals because carelessly using these sprays can lead to problems like health risks.

Other Chemicals Used By Exterminators

Aside from sprays, exterminators use other chemicals that help in getting rid of pests. Powder forms are also applied in pest control as these are effective as well especially when pests are found on the surfaces.

Boric Acid

One of the most common sprays used is boric acid. This is known to everyone because it is applied not only on pests but for other purposes. Boric acid can be in pellet and powder form and it is cheap. This chemical is used on sprays so when this is turned into spray, it helps in eliminating pests like ants, termites, and cockroaches. It can be applied on surfaces where pests are present, so it is easier to use when you have pests. However, boric acid should be used cautiously because it can impose hazards on humans and animals. The powder can taste sweet so children may eat it hence you need to keep it out of reach. When boric acid is applied in your home, the powder is placed on areas where vermin are highly active.


Indoxacarb is a pesticide applied to pests that is effective if you have cockroach infestations at home. We know how pesky roaches can get and if they keep on pestering your home, it will be uncomfortable to you and your family. Triad area exterminators may also use indoxacarb that will help in eradicating cockroaches since the chemical once applied can be spread. With this, if cockroaches can get in touch with dead ones or feces, they can also acquire the chemical that will kill them. It will not only kill the cockroaches you have now, but it can even get rid of new generations of cockroaches. 

Natural Sprays You Can Apply

If you want to apply sprays at home but want it to be natural and safe, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered.  

Neem Oil

 Neem oil is one of the effective natural sprays you can use for your home. Neem oil spray helps in repelling vermin like mites, aphids, and more since this serves as an insecticide that can drive away pests.  


We know that beer is good for drinking, but it can also be used for repelling pests at home. Beers help in eliminating slugs and snails if you have it at home. You can spray it on infested areas or even put it in a saucer to make a beer trap.  

Soapy Water

Mixing liquid dishwashing soap and water is a great combination for a pest spray because it can kill pests like bed bugs. If you have pesky bed bugs at home, spraying soapy water helps as it will get into the bodies of the pest and will eventually kill them. You can also make a trap by putting the soapy water in a bowl and place it under the light during the night. When pests get into the trap, they can never go out and will eventually die due to drowning. It does not only repel bed bugs but even fleas and ants as well.  

Garlic Spray

If you have mosquitoes at home, garlic spray is the most useful one. Mosquitoes are extremely dangerous because if you are bitten by infected ones, you can acquire fatal illnesses such as malaria, the Zika virus, and dengue fever. Garlic oil will not only repel vampires but even mosquitoes because the strong smell of garlic is what the pest hates. You should mix garlic extract and water in a spray bottle and make sure to make it handy so that when you see mosquitoes, you can spray it right away. Garlic spray will not only get rid of live mosquitoes but even the larvae are killed.

These are natural sprays you can do at home that will not need professional help. You can apply these sprays if you only have a few pests but if it is already an infestation, Go-Forth Home Services should be called. Professional help is more recommendable when your pest problems are getting out of hand.

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