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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Pigeons? (Clemmons Exterminators)


Birds are commonly seen in cities or local areas because they can fly wherever they want. Sometimes, they stop in one area to forage for food or hang out with other birds. One of the typical birds you’ll see outside of your home are pigeons and seeing them all together is pleasing to the eyes.

Pigeons are birds that you can see in the public oftentimes. They are famous mostly around the world since they occupy parks, buildings, farms, bridges, and more. However, their fondness for invading public places crosses the boundary since they also begin to penetrate private homes that lead them to become pests.

Almost all homeowners can relate to pest problems around the world because they always see vermin in their homes. Some may experience a few of them but others are suffering from pest infestations that are more problematic. Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, termites, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes and more are some of the famous pests in households and all of them bring great worries to owners.

Of course, the only thing that can stop pests even pigeons from disturbing private properties is pest control. It is the process wherein treatments and extermination are applied so that pests will be gone for good and it is performed by a Clemmons exterminator.

If you have been noticing pigeons in your yard and their numbers are getting high, you should worry because they can be pesky and infesting. So, here are the ways on how pest control helps in getting rid of pigeons.

Why Are Pigeons Dangerous To Your Home?

Pigeons may be pleasing but when they become cozy to your home, they can be dangerous as well so having them in your place is not a good idea and here are the reasons why:

Pigeons Can Spread Diseases

One of the important things you should be giving attention to is your health. Getting sick means you have to spend more on money for medicines, checkups, hospital bills, and more. You don’t want to exceed your monthly budget, right? But, diseases are unavoidable especially if you have pests. Pigeons can be pests and so if they decide to stay, they can spread diseases. Their droppings can be a way to transmit diseases to your family since it is acidic. When their droppings dry up and turn powdery, that’s the time that diseases are spread because it contains a lot of viruses and bacteria. Pigeons can cause lung problems due to their droppings and when they are around, it is riskier so you have to call Go-Forth Home Services to get rid of them to keep your home safe and healthy.

Pigeons Are Nasty

Pigeons are good eaters but because of this, they can be nasty to other birds that visit your home. If you have a feeder for birds and pigeons found it, they’ll take over and will definitely get rid of the other birds that come near. Also, to keep other birds away, they’ll begin to put droppings on the birdbath or bird feeder so that no songbirds can come near again. Look how mean and selfish they can be so you better get rid of them before something else happens and Clemmons, NC Exterminators can help you out.

Pigeons Come Back To Their Nests

If you found out pigeons have built their nests in your home, you should worry because they can still come back even if they have left for a year. These birds know where their nests are and will come back when they have to make more baby pigeons. What’s worse, the babies also feel at home so when they get older, they will return to their nests in your home and give birth to new babies. If you think pigeons are cute, well, they could but their behaviors are not, so eliminate them before they infest your home to the extent that you’ll need professional help from a Clemmons, NC exterminator.

How To Keep Pigeons Away

Keep Your Home Pigeon-Proof

Pigeons are great flyers and searchers for homes as well. So, if your house has a place where the birds can create their nests and stay, they’ll never leave. Your attics, balconies, roofs, sheds, ledges, and garage can be a place for pigeons to make their nests and if they feel comfortable, they will decide to stay. So, if you want to get rid of them for good, you need to pigeon-proof your home as quickly as possible. By proofing, you have to put wires or spikes so that pigeons will never have a chance to touchdown your property. The bird will find a way to come inside your home but if you pigeon-proof your home, they will never be able to do what they want. When your home is pigeon-proof, your home will never be a nesting place for pigeons! But, if it continues to come into your home, Clemmons exterminators should be summoned because they can get rid of pigeons. 

Put Traps

Traps will always be one of the effective ways of controlling pests and pigeons can fall into it as well. If you want to keep your home pigeon-free at all times, what you need is to put traps to stop them from coming. When you install traps, you need to be careful and mindful because you don’t want to harm your family or pets. So, in placing traps, you need to know where pigeons feed. Put water and feed on the area to bait them and when captured, you should know the legal way of disposing of them. But trapping pigeons may take time because it needs days before it becomes successful. If you don’t have extra time to do this, you can trust Go-Forth Home Services in Clemmons, NC to do the work for you who are well-rounded in handling pests like pigeons. 

Repel Them

If you can’t trap pigeons, there are ways you can get rid of them and that’s by repelling them. There are several ways on how you can deter them. You can repel them by using natural methods or by chemical treatments. You can scare pigeons by putting reflective diverters that can drive them away. However, driving them away can be a problem especially if you are don’t know the proper way of doing it. So, when pigeons are becoming hardy, what you need is the help of Clemmons exterminators who are licensed to perform pest control and apply chemical treatments that can be dangerous to your health. 

Get Rid Of Attractants

Pests will never come to your home if they don’t find it attractive. Like pigeons, these birds will go to your home when attractants are present. If you want to get rid of them once and for all, get rid of the attractants as well because it can help a lot. If your home has trash outside undisposed, make sure to remove it because it can lead the birds into your home. If pet foods are placed outside, eliminate it as well because it can be food for them. Food will always be the number one attractant to pigeons so if you have it, make sure to keep it out of the pigeon’s sight. Moisture should be removed as well because they need for bathing and drinking. By removing attractants, you are getting rid of pigeons but if the case is already severe, let Clemmons exterminators handle them for you.

Take note, it is not advised that you shoot pigeons because it is a crime against the wildlife and you will be violating laws for shooting these birds. If you need help in eliminating them, all you need is the help of Go-Forth Home Services who are trained in handling wildlife that are being pests. 

Professional Pest Control Company In NC

If you are looking for the best pest control company for pigeons in Clemmons, NC that can help you with all your pest control needs, the answer is Go-Forth Home Services!

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