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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Stink Bugs? (Triangle Exterminators)


There are several pests that you can find in your home. Some are familiar while others are not so it is hard to get rid of unfamiliar pests. Among the pests that can come to your home and cause inconveniences are stink bugs. From the name itself, you really wouldn’t want to have them in your property because they don’t only bring troubles but they leave foul smells as well.

Stink bugs come in different species but whatever species it is, all of them are pests and can affect your daily life. The pest is known for its smell and they will come into your home whenever they want especially if the weather becomes cold. Stink bugs look for a place with warm which will help them survive.

Of course, when stink bugs or other pests are present, Triangle Exterminators are the ones you need to call because they are well-rounded in eliminating any kind of pests found in properties. Professionals can help you more when you have stink bugs because they can get rid of pests and keep them away for good.

But, some people are asking if pest control can get rid of stink bugs because they think it is not enough to stop pest activities. Well, if you are doubtful about the ability of pest control, here are the reasons why it can get rid of stink bugs and what you need to know more about the pest.

Pest Control Removes The Pest

One of the advantages of pest control is it can get rid of pests in your place. Triangle Exterminators are known to fight-off any pest found in your place using the best treatments and extermination methods that can effectively remove pests. Stink bugs are different from other pests because they prefer other foods. They can be the same with termites and ants when it comes to infesting a property because they attack in great numbers. With this, they can quickly cause an infestation that can be a big nuisance for your family, pets, and property. But, if you rely on pest control, you can achieve a pest-free home since professionals will work their best to get rid of the pests and stop them from coming back. If you don’t do preventive measures, the pest will keep on coming and will never leave your place.

Pest Control Stops Infestation To Happen

One of a homeowner’s nightmares is experiencing pest infestations and stink bugs have the ability to start a big pest activity in your home. Some people bypass the signs of stink bug infestations and that’s a problem because you’ll never know if you already have the pest, if your house is suffering from an infestation, or if your family is experiencing inconveniences. Every homeowner would like to live in a home where pests are out and will not have the chance to cause infestations. If you have stink bugs and you think it is getting worse, you should start checking their signs of infestation. One of the signs is if there are already high numbers of stink bugs in your home. It is an obvious sign and should be the first one you’ll notice. The pest will look for warm areas in your home to keep them cozy and your bathroom, bathroom, and more could be their targets. If you have crops at home and you see it damaged, then it could mean stink bugs are present. They are usually after the crops found in your place as it is their food so they will keep on infesting the areas where crops and vegetables are planted. These signs can help you if stink bug infestations are happening.

If you want to avoid a huge pest problem, you need pest control from Triangle exterminators because they are capable of stopping the pest from causing more problems and troubles. Through pest control, stink bugs will not stand a chance of surviving and they will never get near your place so if you want to maintain a home without pests for good, you should hire pest exterminators to perform pest control in your home and you’ll never regret it.

Pest Control Keeps A Pest-Free Home

Who would want to live in a house where pests are roaming around? You will never want it, right? Removing the live pests is never enough because there are instances wherein the pest leaves their eggs in your place and when it is the right, eggs will hatch and new ones will continue to infest. But, with pest control, your worries will be gone because Triangle exterminators will do their best to get rid of the pests, eggs, and larvae which can threaten an infestation in the future. Professionals will do extermination in your place so that no pest will be left alive. They’ll inspect your home and make sure that every possible hiding place is checked. When all pests are removed, your problem will be gone and you’ll have peace of mind. Maintaining a pest-free home is a difficult task but if you let pest exterminators do pest control regularly, then you’re way to your dream is never far.

Here are the reasons why pest control can get rid of stink bugs. We know what the pest can do and letting Triangle exterminators do pest control can achieve what you want for your home–a place with no live pest and no infestation. Aside from knowing what pest control does, you should be familiar with your enemy as well.

What You Need to Know About Stink Bugs

Stink bugs may not commonly infest your home but when they decide to cause trouble, they are unstoppable. If you are not well familiar with the pest, here are the things you need to know about it.

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Stink bugs may vary on colors and sizes but they can look the same with their shape. They have broad and triangular bodies, they have six legs and antennae, and their size can be ¾” in length, Mostly, stink bugs are found in California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Oregon, and the eastern part of the United States. Adult stink bugs can fly and when they land, their wings fold above their bodies. For younger stink bugs, they still can’t fly since they are not yet fully developed. 

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Well, stink bugs may not be dangerous but they are destructive. The pest doesn’t bite but they can target your plants at home. They will keep on damaging your ornamental plants, gardens, and more because it is their food. Stink bugs will not cause damages on the structure of your property but they will definitely give other issues which can be a pain in your head.  

What Are The Common Species Of Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs come in different species and you might not be aware of it. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is one of the species of stink bugs and they are mostly the type that is found in the United States. It comes in ¾ long and adults can camouflage in the bark of the tree since the color is the same. The younger ones are easily distinguished due to their black or red color. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is harmless in properties because they don’t cause structural damage and don’t breed inside homes or buildings but they can cause agricultural damage which can ruin your business. Another species is the one spotted stink bug which is similar to the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. It is 7/16 inches long and targets corn. Other species are Southern Green Stink Bug, Dusty Stink Bug, and Spined Soldier Bug.

These are the things you need to know about your enemy–stink bugs. Whenever they infest, you should do immediate action because they can cause damage to your crops and will definitely leave stinky smells. The best exterminators near the Triangle area are the ones you need to get rid of them for good.

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