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Don't Accidentally Attract Stink Bugs In Virginia Beach To Your Home

a stink bug crawling on wood

The brown marmorated stink bug is a bug that eats vegetables, fruits, and other crops. This invasive bug will invade your home during winter to look for shelter and warmth. Today, we will help you learn how to identify stink bugs, discuss their dangers, factors that attract them to your house, and the best Virginia Beach pest control. And if you want to prevent or eliminate these bugs that can chew up your shrubs, apple trees, and other vegetables, get the best pest control in Virginia Beach from Go-Forth Home Services.

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

You can look at stink bugs in two different ways. Firstly, they are large insects with an oval shape. Secondly, they are insects with unique shield-like shapes. An adult stink bug can grow up to a length of 0.7-inches. Generally, this brownish-looking bug is as long as it is wide. And if you look at the adult bugs, they will appear bigger because their legs extend from each side. Some unique traits include an antenna with lighter bands and wings with darker bands.

Are Stink Bugs Hazardous?

Rarely do stink bugs cause health issues; unless someone is highly allergic to the fluid stink bugs produce as a defense mechanism. Although uncommon, symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes, tearing, and skin irritation can cause dermatitis. That is why someone should quickly use soap water to wash off the stink bug defensive compound from the skin.

Don't Accidentally Attract Stink Bugs In Virginia Beach

No homeowner desires to invite pests into their property. The problem is that most of them unintentionally do it. And unfortunately, if you have a beautifully landscaped yard, the insects will find your property an attractive zone. Here are five factors that can attract stink bugs to your property:

  • Fallen ripe or rotten fruits
  • Lots of foliage and brightly-colored gardens
  • Excess moisture or damp areas
  • Night outdoor lighting
  • Small openings on screens, doors, windows, vents, or screens
  • Tan and brown-colored homesĀ 

During winter, stink bugs will find their way into your home for shelter and warmth. If you want to prevent an invasion of stink bugs, go for stink bug treatment solutions from Go-Forth Home Services.

How To Get Rid Of A Stink Bug Problem

It is a herculean task to get rid of a stink bug problem in your home by yourself. The pungent smell these bugs produce when they feel threatened, stepped on, or squashed can be very irritating. If your goal is to prevent them from producing their awful smell, it is an uphill task that is hard to crack. The perfect way to control stink bugs is by hiring experienced exterminating experts from Go-Forth Home Services. A professional crew possesses the right resources, technicians, tools, and best practices for removing stink bugs in Virginia Beach.

Stink bugs are crop and fruit-eating bugs that produce a pungent smell when stepped on. The chemical compound they produce can only be harmful if you are highly allergic to it. Since stink bugs are overwintering pests, they will seek shelter in your house during winter and emerge in spring. If you see signs of a stink bug infestation in your Virginia Beach residence, contact Go-Forth Home Services and access the services of residential extermination professionals who can tackle your pest problem with top-of-the-line treatment products and techniques.