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Pest Control for Ants (Asheboro Exterminators)


The world will never be complete if ants are not around. Everyone is aware that ants are travelers and they are mostly found around the world except in Antarctica because the insect can’t survive. Ants can be small but when they decide to cause an infestation, they leave huge damages and effects which homeowners will never love.

There are several species of ants in the world that are known to and some of them are considered as pests. Having pests around is chaotic because you have to deal with pesky vermin around like ants. Aside from them, other pests that can cause troubles in your home are mosquitoes, rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, and spiders. If you don’t do any prevention, ants and other pests will continue to cause damage and infestations that are not good for your family and property.

If you need help in dealing with ants, pest control is the solution. It is the most common resolution property owners are resorting because pest control can eliminate pests successfully. Asheboro exterminators are the best people you can count on when you need pest control because they are well-rounded and has the best experience with pests. They know how pests behave, where they hide and build their nests, and how they infest homes.

On the other hand, we know pest control can be costly so some are not hiring professionals to help them out. If you want to do pest control for ants without spending too much, here are ways you can control the pests in your home successfully.

Inspect Your Home

The first step in pest control whether it is done by Asheboro Exterminators or by you is inspection. Yes, examining your home for pests can help in controlling pests like ants. There are several species of ants and some of them can be the reason behind the ant infestation in your home. So, if you inspect, you will know the species infesting your home. Carpenter ants are damaging species of ants because they target the woods in your property. If your home is made of wood or has wooden structures, it is prone to carpenter ants. The pest will not eat wood but will but certainly, they will make nests on woods and because of this, your structures can weaken over time.

But, if you inspect your home regularly, you will be able to control ants and stop damages from happening because you know what pest is behind the problem and can immediately apply initial treatments that can drive them away for the meantime. By inspecting as well, you can find out their nesting places. You can follow ant trails which can lead you to find their colonies or nests. You should not only inspect the inside of your home but the outside as well. 

Get Rid Of The Queen Ant

Ant colonies will not work and move if not for their queen. Yes, queen ants are the head of their groups and when they are around, colonies will never run out of ants. The queen ant does not go out so it only stays inside the nest. Her responsibility is to give birth to new generations of ants so she will mate with male ants. Once she gives birth, new ants will become an adult and they will continue to infest your home. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have killed the ants you see at home because new ones will come and continue to cause trouble because the queen is still alive.

According to Asheboro Exterminators, if you can get rid of queen ants, your way to resolving ant infestations is fast and easy. Pest control is the best way to get rid of queen ants because it uses the most appropriate treatments which are effective in killing the queen. Once the queen is dead, ants will move to a new place and create a new colony. With pest control, you can get rid not only of the queens but the whole colony as well.

Remove Moisture

Ants will not come to your home for no reason, they will visit and infest because they find what they’re looking for and one of them is moisture. Like other pests, ants need moisture for them to survive. They will keep on coming when humidity is present and this is the time you need pest control from Asheboro Exterminators. Professionals know what attracts ants and moisture is among them. If your home is filled with humidity, the pest will surely come and stay. Other pests that love moisture are mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and cockroaches. You are luring lots of pets into your home!

But, if you avail pest control for your property, you don’t have to worry because pest exterminators will get rid of humidity for you. Water leaks will be fixed so that areas, where moisture can build-up, will remain dry and no pests will be attracted. Also, gutters and downspouts should be cleaned so that it can function well and the water will flow properly to prevent building moisture. Availing pest control will keep moisture away and will give you an ant-free home for a longer time.

Reduce Food Sources

Aside from moisture, ants will also look for food sources that will help them survive as well. Ants will store food when the winter season is about to come so that they won’t get hungry during the cold days and nights. Your home is filled with tasty treats and food sources that’s why ants come to get some. Your kitchen is mainly the target of ants as it is a place where food is present. It is where you prepare, cook, and sometimes eat. With this, ants will take the opportunity to get food which they will bring back to their colonies. If you have a pantry, you should be mindful because ants can target it anytime or when you’re not around. The need for pest control for ants is huge especially when they are already causing inconveniences when you’re eating with your family.

You need the help of Asheboro exterminators to stop ants from infesting your home. Professionals will make sure to block all entrances where ants can fit in so that they won’t reach food sources available in your home. Pest exterminators will treat your property so that no ants will dare to get near. As a homeowner, you can stop ants from coming into your home for food sources by storing food properly in airtight containers. Make sure that after meals, you wipe and clean the floors, tables, and countertops so that no food crumbs or residues will be left. Even a small chunk of food can bring ants inside. Don’t leave your dirty dishes unwashed because it can also be a food source for the pest. If you have trash bins inside and outside of your home, better cover it with a lid tightly so that ants can’t get inside. 

Block Entry Points

Ants can come inside your home anytime because there are entry points present. The cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps can be a gateway for pests like ants to enter your home effortlessly. When you see lots of ants coming in, you should be alarmed because an infestation occurs anytime. That’s the time when you need the help of pest control. Asheboro Exterminators will stop ants from entering by blocking their paths. By sealing entry points, the pest will not be able to come inside and infest. By blocking entry points, you are also preventing cockroaches, termites, rodents, spiders, and more to penetrate your home. By performing pest control, you can enjoy your home without pests.

These are pest control for ants you can do for your home. If you do preventions, you are helping your property and your family to be free from infestations and illnesses. Of course, when you need Asheboro Exterminators, Go-Forth Home Services is always on-the-go to serve you!

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