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Exterminators For Termites & Ants


It is confusing to many if termites and ants are of the same kind. These creatures may look the same and share several similarities. However, the answer is a big NO. These creatures are both invaders and can cause structural damage to your home. They do this by chomping through the wood frames. If you want to get rid of them, it is important to know their physical and behavioral differences. 


A Formicidae’s, or ant’s body is divided into main parts; the head, thorax, and the abdomen. They vary in color; some ants are red while others are black. They have antennae used to detect enemies and recognize their nestmates. Ants have a pair of large compound eyes that detect light and shadow. They don’t have lungs but oxygen enters through tiny holes in their body and carbon dioxide leaves through the same holes.

Ants are small species but they are amazing and incredibly strong for their size! They have the ability to lift anything that is up to 20 times their own weight. Another interesting fact about them is that they can live the longest of any other insects. The queen ant of the specific species called Pogonomyrmex Owyheei—harvester ants—are said to live up to 30 years. Amazing, right?


Termites are about the same size as ants. This is the reason why people find the difference between ants and termites confusing. They vary in color from white, brown to black depending on the species and their life stage. They have straight bodies, antennae, and wings that are about the same size.

Termites never ever sleep. Instead, they spend their lives eating non-stop. They eat the whole day and night. They shed their wings and use this to build their nests. 

Getting Rid Of Ants & Termites

When attempting a DIY pest control for these creatures, it is extremely important to know which of them you are dealing with so you will be able to go with the right methods and use the right kind of products. Take note, there are different ways to deal with these insects. Some are natural ways and some need to be done with a little caution and expertise. 

Getting Rid Of Ants

Insecticides - There are insect sprays you can buy in stores. If you’d like to know which is the most effective, you may check for reviews and ask for recommendations from the people who have already tried some of these products. Be sure to check the label and follow the instructions very carefully. If you do not, the product may not be as effective as you are expecting it. Labels are your ultimate guide to using the product safely and effectively.

Natural ways to get rid of ants - Before using insect sprays and repellents, you may want to use natural remedies first:

  1. Peppermint - Ants hate the smell of peppermint. You can plant mint or even use its essential oil to control ants. If you have essential oil, put a few drops of it on a cotton ball and wipe it in the area where you suspect the presence of ants.  
  2. Cinnamon - Cinnamon can suffocate and kill ants. There are two ways to use cinnamon. First, sprinkle some in any ant’s path or anthill opening. Second - mix cinnamon’s essential oil with water and use it as a spray. 
  3. Vinegar - Combined 50% of water and 50% of vinegar. Spray it directly on ants to kill them.
  4. Lemon juice - You can also use this to destroy the trails ants follow. Mix a solution of 1 part lemon juice and 3 parts of water and spray it in the areas where you usually see ants. 
  5. Black pepper and cayenne - Ants hate both these spices. Sprinkle a little on their path or areas where you see them or mix it with water too and use it as a spray.

Getting Rid Of Termites

  1. Chemical treatment - You can purchase these products in stores but it is highly recommended to involve an expert if you are to use chemicals to avoid accidents or any possible health risk to you and your family as well as your pets. 
  2. Poisoned bait - These can also be purchased in stores. Unlike chemical treatment and pesticides, you don’t need to spray hazardous substances around your home if you choose to use bait. This attracts the termites and will even spread the poison to the colony. 

Non-chemical or natural ways to get rid of termites:

  1. Orange oil - This is a popular DIY termite treatment. Orange oil has D-limonene that kills and destroys both termites and their eggs. 
  2. Vinegar - Mix a half cup of vinegar and juice from 2 lemons. Put it in a spray bottle and spray some in the areas where you suspect ants are present. The acidic substance of this mixture will kill the termites.
  3. Wet cardboard - You can use wet cardboard as a trap. Since termites love water and cellulose. This will attract the termites and will make them go out of their spot. Once you see that the termites are already in place and have settled in, you may then take the piece of cardboard to throw and burn it. You can repeat the process if you think that there are still more of them hiding somewhere. 
  4. Nematodes - These are parasitic worms that are known to be the best natural way to kill termites. Make sure to put enough of these in the areas affected by termites and you’ll be surprised to see how they get rid of these termites naturally. They are non-destructive to wood and don’t provide health risks to humans and pets. According to studies, nematodes usually pass away as soon as the termites are gone. 
  5. Borates - You can sprinkle some borax powder in the affected areas or mix it with water and use it as a spray. Repeat the process as necessary until you are able to get rid of the colonies completely. 
  6. Heat and sunlight - Termites hate these as they can actually die if they are exposed to too much heat and sunlight. If you suspect that there are termites in some areas in your home, you can use UV light to make them go away. If there is furniture infested, you can bring them outside, leave it for a while, and let the sunlight take care of it. 

Aside from these methods, there is another way to clear out ants and termites without too much effort on your end—get an exterminator. 

Professional Help For Termites & Ants

There are people who are hesitant to contact a pest control company. These people often choose to eliminate pests on their own because they believe that hiring professionals is expensive. What they do not realize is, hiring exterminators is all worth it.

Still not convinced? Let's put it this way. When you choose to eradicate pests on your own, there is a chance you will not be able to completely get rid of them because:

  1. The method you have chosen did not work or the products you purchased, like chemicals and insect sprays, did not work on that specific situation. If that is the case, you will have to go with plan B or C and so on. This means that you will have to spend more time, effort, and money until you are able to resolve the issue. This also means that you are extending the risk of your home being destroyed. 
  2. You fail to identify the source of these unwanted visitors in your home. It is not enough to kill these creatures. Most of the time, pests build their home in hidden places and if you fail to see and destroy it, the issue will just continue. 
  3. You are not familiar with how to use products that kill pests. Termites and ants do not bring any health hazard to humans. However, inappropriate use of insect sprays and chemicals can put your family’s health at risk. 

Hiring an exterminator will bring you peace of mind. They are experts when it comes to getting rid of different pests and insects and they will surely eliminate these unwanted guests in no time! There are different local exterminators for termites and ants.

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