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Flea Exterminator In Greensboro, NC

fleas and dog hair

How happy it is to bring pets into your home that become new members of the family. But without knowing, your cats and dogs are one of the reasons why pests like fleas are coming in as well. You should know that fleas will be after your furry friends so you need to watch out!

Fleas are tiny and with their small size, you cannot easily see them unless you take a closer look. They depend on animals so if you have pets, they will be around and your furry friends will show signs. That’s why when fleas are around, you need a flea exterminator in Greensboro, NC—because a professional knows best.

It is never easy to get rid of fleas because when they start an infestation, they don’t only hide in their host’s fur, but they can be found everywhere. They can be in your carpets, upholstery, and furniture.

When you allow the pest to enjoy your house, it will be a problem in the end because you will suffer the most. When it comes to flea extermination, it is best to have a flea exterminator work for you. A professional is well aware of the behavior, hiding places, food choices, and more of the pest. If you want a flea-free home, you should let a professional do the work for you.

Moreover, if you have fleas at home, here are the things you should know about them. Also, why a flea exterminator is important in battling the pest.

Things To Know About Fleas

Having fleas is a problem because your pets are typically the main target. They may not cause property damage but they can be your pet’s worst nightmare. If you have fleas, here are the things you need to know.

  1. Fleas do not only depend on your cat or dog; they can also feed on other animals like birds and reptiles. If you have pets aside from cats and dogs, you should know that fleas will still come over.
  2. The favorite food of fleas is blood. You can typically find the pest on your dog or cat's fur and will bury itself to feed freely. But, you should know those female fleas can feed on blood 15 times their body weight. Even if they are full, they can still accommodate more blood.
  3. Fleas can still thrive even without a blood meal for 100 days. The pest can survive in your property and will give them a lot of time to reproduce that will keep their population. 
  4. Fleas are great jumpers. After visiting a flea-infested area, the pest jumps to your pets. That's the way you bring them into your property. They don’t have wings so their way to invade your house is by holding onto your lovely pets.
  5. Fleas don't transmit diseases to humans but you still have to be careful because when an infestation is happening, they can bite. The pest will usually cause illnesses to your pets as they keep on biting your dog or cat’s skin until it becomes itchy. Because of this, your pets can experience an allergic reaction, infection, and respiratory problems that can affect their health.

These are the things you need to know about fleas. When you have them at home, it is always best to call a flea exterminator to help you out.

Signs Of Fleas

Do you want to know if you have fleas at home? We will provide you the common signs that will help in identifying whether you have fleas or not.

Unusual Behavior Of Your Pets

If your cats and dogs are showing unusual behaviors, you might have fleas. Excessive scratching is often one of the signs as your furry friends are reacting to the bites left by fleas. Too much scratching means that your dogs or cats might be home to several fleas and you need to worry. The saliva of fleas can irritate an animal that’s why your pets will keep on scratching. Aside from scratching, excessive biting and licking can also indicate that fleas are on them.

Live Fleas Are Present

When you see live fleas in your property, it is an obvious sign that you have them. You might notice them first on your pets and eventually, the pest will move around your place when the infestation is growing. If you see reddish-brown, eighth-of-an-inch long, and too thin pests that keep on jumping near your pets that could be fleas. The pest will keep on jumping around and you should know that you will not only find adult fleas, even the young ones are also around your house hiding.

Spotting Flea Dirt

Do you see black specks on your pets’ fur or on the floor? That could be flea dirt which is feces of the pest. Flea dirt is like black peppers so you might mistake it as one. It is usually the dry blood that will change color over time and you can usually find it on your pet’s bedding, carpets, or on places where your dogs or cats usually hang out.

If you have these signs, better seek help from a flea exterminator to resolve your problem immediately.

Why Hire A Flea Exterminator?

Do you keep on seeing fleas in your property or your pets are showing strange behaviors that you haven’t seen before? Maybe you have fleas and this is the perfect time to hire a flea exterminator.

Here are the reasons why you should pass the flea control to an expert:


An exterminator has undergone training in handling pest issues including fleas so your problem will be away in no time. A flea exterminator can identify the infestation you have at home and have the proper flea removal products and techniques that can stop the problem. If you do DIY flea control, you might only be able to get rid of a few fleas but not the whole infestation happening in your place. 


In eliminating fleas, you might have to spend some money but did you know that it is more money-saving when you hire a flea exterminator rather than doing the control on your own? The reason for this is a flea exterminator already knows what treatments are perfect for your problem hence he can also access the product immediately.

If you do the control, you might have to spend more than the average cost of having a flea exterminator because you need to purchase several products until you find the one that works. With this, your expenses may be high while shopping for flea control products. When a flea exterminator does the work, you are assured that all fleas including eggs and larvae are eliminated unlike in DIY flea control where assurance is not 100%.

Total Elimination Of Fleas

You should know that fleas will not only infest indoors but they can also be found outdoors. Even if you have treated the inside of your house or even your furry friends, but if the outside of your property is left untouched, the pest can continue the infestation. It is not even easy to buy flea treatments for outdoor use. But if you hire a flea exterminator, the inside and outside of your house is treated successfully as outdoor treatments are readily available. A flea exterminator will ensure that the total elimination of fleas is done so that no future re-infestation can happen. 

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