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Myth's About The Fleas In Raleigh

A flea in human skin with hair

Chances are you have heard about fleas. These small insects are the bain of pet owners and cause huge problems indoors. The question is, do you have the right information about fleas? Today we will be talking about some common myths people believe about fleas in Raleigh and uncovering the truth about these insects. If that is what you are here for, keep reading. If you are in need of fast professional flea treatments to deal with a current infestation inside your home, contact us at Go-Forth Home Services. Let us walk you through what pest control in Raleigh is supposed to look like and find a solution that fits your needs.

Identifying Fleas in Raleigh

Spotting a flea inside your home can be quite difficult. These pests are incredibly small and like hiding inside fur and fur-like rugs and fabrics. If you have indoor or outdoor pets, start your investigation by checking their fur. It is easier to spot little dark reddish-brown fleas in light-colored sections of fur. As you are looking for tiny moving fleas, look for flea dirt as well. If you don’t have pets, check for these signs of fleas inside plush carpets, clothing bins, furniture, and other similar locations. Something that causes many people to suspect they have a flea problem is bite marks. The problem is, that there are many pests in our area that infest homes that bite. Bring in our team for a thorough inspection to find out what pests you are up against.

Will Fleas Die if They Don’t Suck Blood?

Fleas rely on blood to survive. To ensure they have the best chance of survival, these pests will make their home inside the fur of an animal. If they fall off, they need to find another source of food fast. A flea can only survive for about four days before starving to death. This happens more often than you might think out in the wild. One benefit fleas get when they invade homes is that humans are a great secondary source of food. If they fall off your pet, they will bite you when you are not aware. This can be bad if the fleas inside your home are host to blood-borne diseases. The only way to stay safe is to deal with flea infestations as quickly as possible. 

Commonly Told Myths About Fleas 

There are many things people believe about fleas that simply are not true. To help you better understand these pests, here are a few common myths that we want to put to bed.

Myth: A healthy pet won’t get fleas.
Truth: Fleas will eat blood from any living creature, not just sickly animals. 

Myth: Fleas only live on pets and cannot live indoors without an animal.
Truth: Fleas can live indoors as long as they can find regular blood meals from animals or humans.

Myth: Fleas can fly.
Truth: Fleas do not have wings but can jump over a foot into the air.

Myth: A clean home prevents fleas.
Truth: Fleas do not care about the condition of your home.

Myth: Pets have to leave the home to get fleas.
Truth: Fleas can invade homes on the backs of mice, rats, and birds. They then can hop off and get onto indoor pets.

Professional Flea Control for Raleigh Residents

To get and keep fleas out of your home, hire the experts at Go-Forth Home Services. We will take care of your problem fast while you take care of your furry friend and their flea infestation. It really is that simple.

Call today to get a quote for your home and find out why we are your optimal choice for pest control in Raleigh.