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Fleas are tiny bugs, as small as the tip of the pen that can jump as high as 7 inches. They are parasites that feed on animals, usually mammals. This includes humans, dogs, cats, birds, and many more. Fleas are blood-sucking insects that rely on their hosts for shelter and food. They need to find a suitable shelter before winter comes since they are susceptible to the cold weather. This is why you can observe them latching on shoes, clothing, and packages. So, by the time winter comes, they will have found a suitable place to live.

We should never take the infestation of fleas for granted. Not only do they cause nuisances to humans but also discomfort to our pets. Apart from that, these cause countless diseases such as skin allergies, acute dermatitis, tapeworms, and anemia.

When these creatures infested the coat of our pets, they incessantly chew and scratch their skin until their hair falls off. The scars on the epidermis making the skin susceptible to bacterial infections. Without medical intervention, your pet could experience complications.

This may come as a shock to pet owners, but fleas can cause tapeworms as well. These pesky insects are one of the common hosts of worms. When your pet accidentally ingests an infected flea, the tapeworm immediately implants itself to the linings of the intestines. It will soon affect the absorption mechanism of the digestive system. Soon enough, you will observe symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss even if the animal is voraciously eating, and pale eyes.

Another effect of flea infestations is anemia. Although this happens on rare occasions, it is not impossible especially to smaller breeds. Anemia on animals occurs when the amount of blood sucked by these insects is greater than what is secreted by the body. If this happens, your pet needs veterinary attention. Without it, they could contract severe complications.

These are only a few of the diseases that fleas can bring to our pets. To find out how we can eliminate them, let's discuss some of the facts that can give insights on how.

Facts About Fleas

Fleas Can Survive Without Eating

Even without a host, a flea can survive up to 100 days. They can survive without eating. If your home is infested by fleas, you might think they would be dead by the time you come back when you take a vacation. Sadly, their hunger will only worsen. They will start to attack you as you open the doors.

Fleas Don't Have Stable Life Cycles

Unlike most insects, fleas do not have a specific time frame when to turn into larvae or adults. They can remain inside their eggs or insider cocoon until the environmental conditions become favorable. It is one of the reasons why it's difficult to eliminate fleas indoors. Even if you use foggers and other forms of insecticide, there will always be another batch of fleas that will start an infestation. Since these can only kill the adult fleas.

Unknown Blisters On The Skin Are Often Caused By Fleas

Flea bites are often confused with the bed bug bite. To differentiate, flea bites are often found on the lower body while bed bug bites are usually on the upper body. Flea bites are grouped, while bed bug bites are often lined up in rows. Both cause inflammation to the skin. However, bed bugs are known to produce larger inflamed welts. This is due to their ability to feed for 30 minutes without getting noticed. Whatever the case is, you should involve pest control professionals to deal with these issues.

Fleas Lay More Than 50 Eggs Per Day

With this fact, it is not a surprise that one flea can spark a full-on infestation. If a female flea lays eggs on your porch, it's a matter of time before their population from thousands. Experts recommend preventing flea infestations in the first place by contacting your local flea exterminator. Not only do they offer pest management services but also pest prevention strategies as well.

Fleas Lay Eggs On Your Pet's Coat

There is a popular belief that fleas lay eggs on bedding, sheets, carpets, and floors. However, there is sufficient evidence that suggests fleas lay eggs on the coat of their hosts. When the eggs fall as the animal scratches, runs, and chews, that's when it spreads all over your home. This gives us the idea not to focus only on our pet's coat when exterminating. Rather, we should also focus on the environment to increase the probability of eliminating fleas.

Fleas Are Not Transmitted From One Animal To Another

Contrary to popular belief, your pet doesn't catch fleas by playing with another infested animal. When fleas already have a host, they are unlikely to move to another one. The fleas that latch on your pet's coat are the host-less fleas present on the streets, grasses, and floors. This gives us an insight that they have to treat our yard to keep pests away from our pet's fur. Better yet, call for a local flea exterminator. This way, they can provide the necessary measures to prevent and eliminate fleas outside and inside your house.

The Most Common Flea Is The Cat Flea

Despite its name, the cat flea does not only feed on cats. Rather, it feeds and all animals and humans. You might think they're easily eliminated but they are cunning, fast, and agile creatures. You have to be one step ahead to eliminate their population.

Male Fleas Die After Intercourse

Who would have known that male fleas die too after they procreate with a female flea? Most of us thought that only ants and termites have this feature. It turns out, even the male fleas have one purpose only—that is for reproduction. Now we know that most fleas we see on our pet's fur are females. Can you imagine how fast they can spread, knowing that the female flea can lay up to 50 eggs?

Fleas Can Cause Paralysis To Its Host

Before a flea feeds on the blood of its host, it will inject its saliva into the skin. This acts as an anesthetic, numbing the bite site so your pet will not feel the feeding process. When they finally latch off, that's the time the animal feels the itch. It is also their saliva that causes information to the skin. Without intervention, it could cause bacterial infections and skin diseases. The worst part is, if the infestation gets worse, the immune system of the host will start to weaken, enabling more pathogens to enter the body.

The Weather Affects The Number Of Fleas

As we have discussed, fleas are susceptible to cold weather. They are unlikely to survive winter on their own.

Hence, the need to look for stable shelter and food. Come summer, that's when the activities are at its peak. Therefore, pet owners need to upgrade their methods for flea management.

How To Eliminate Fleas

Now that we know the habits of fleas, it's time to discuss how we can eliminate them naturally. Here are a few tricks:

Always Disinfect And Clean Your Home

Like other pests, fleas enjoy their solitude and their security. If they see that there's too much human activity in the household, they are unlikely to stay put. Also, the eggs and the pupae will stay on their protective shells until their environment gets better.  But with regular cleaning and treatment, these fleas will slowly die down because cleaning inhibits the reproductive activities.

Vacuuming works effectively to eliminate fleas at home. Especially if you have carpets, the bristles of the vacuum will help detach larvae, pupae, and eggs from the fibers. Don't forget to vacuum your couches, bedding, and floors as well. You never know if there are eggs present in those areas.

Apply Oils Or Creams To The Skin

While essential oils and scented lotions are relaxing to humans, it is irritating to fleas. If you want to keep them from biting you, regularly apply essential oils and lotion on the skin. This will help repel any insect from piercing your skin.  

Regularly Change Sheets

As discussed earlier, flea eggs can fall on the sheets and bedding. To keep these eggs from hatching and starting a new wave of infestation, regularly change your sheets. Wash the old ones with a strong detergent to instantly kill these insects. Plus, if you have a dryer, use it to dry your sheets in high heat. This way, it can exterminate any flea that will survive the wash. If not, you can utilize the heat of the sun to dehydrate these insects and slowly kill them. 

These are only a few of the many ways to prevent and eliminate fleas.  But if you want an instant solution to your pest problem, it's best to call a pest management professionals such as Go-Forth Home Services. This company offers effective methods for extermination and prevention.

With their help, you can enjoy lifelong protection against every pest you encounter at home. What are you waiting for? Contact the professionals to achieve a secure and helpful environment.