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Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Gnats? (Columbia, SC Exterminators)


Household pests are not the only enemies you will have at home because pests can be in a wide variety. The wild animals that typically visit your home can be pests as well and even the unfamiliar ones are vermin. Among the unexpected pests, you'll encounter at home are gnats.

Are you familiar with gnats? Some know it while others are not aware of the pest so it is always best to know more of it so that eliminating them is made easier. Well, gnats can be found almost everywhere and you may not identify them correctly that's why you find it hard to know if you have them.

Gnats belong to the pest community because they can bring infestations that your family and property can't handle. Who would want their homes to be infested by an unfamiliar pest, right? When you have gnats or uncommon pests at home, pest control is the answer that you need because it can successfully get rid of gnats and other sorts of pests infesting your place.

Pest control is highly recommended by everyone because it can do big in exterminating pests like gnats. Columbia, SC Exterminators are known to perform effective pest extermination that can resolve your pest worries. Gnats are no match when pest control is done in your property.

When you have gnats disturbing your home, whether they are few or more, you need to stop them so that infestations will not push through. If you have gnats at home, better get familiar with the pest for better pest control in the future.

What Are Gnats?

Gnats are slim, long-legged flies that have long antennae and their body color can range from gray to black. They are 2.55 mm in length and they have wings so they can fly instantly in your property whenever they want. You may have already seen them in your property many times but you may not have recognized them since you don’t know the pest.

You can see them flying in groups or alone and will think that they are only baby flies so you don’t normally kill them. However, their size is indeed small so even if you are guilty of eliminating them, you should do it because according to Columbia, SC area exterminators, when pests are left alone doing their activities, they continuously infest your home until it ends in an infestation.

Do Gnats Reproduce?

Gnats are among the fastest pests that can multiply in a short period. If fleas can lay 50 eggs a day, female gnats are record-breaking because they can give birth to 300 eggs every day. With their lifespan of four months, imagine having thousands of new generations of gnats in your home! Female gnats will look for breeding places like rotting substances that will help them thrive. With four months-long to live, in their entire lifetime, female gnats will keep on reproducing and laying eggs and because of this, it can lead to severe gnat infestations. That's why early detection of gnats is a must because if you can't spot the problem, you will need the help of an exterminators to stop the infestation from worsening.

Why Are Gnats Found In Your Home?

People are confused as to why they have gnats at home even though they have pest-proof properties. If termites are attracted to woods, mosquitoes on moisture, gnats are into decomposing resources and if you have these at home, you’ll immediately see them flying into your home and infesting. Any rotting things like fertilizers, dying plants, decaying fruits, and garbage. If you have these, expect that gnats and other pests will be visiting your home for good. Water sources are also attractive to gnats so you have to check your sinks and bathrooms at all times when the pest begins to infest. If you know that gnats have already infiltrated your home, make move immediately but if you have spotted them already late, the problem may have already worsened so it high time that you call Columbia SC Exterminators to help you lessen your problem. 

How To Have A Gnat-Free Home?

Gnats can be pesky when they come in groups so if you allow them to infest your home, it will be your problem in the end because the pest is unstoppable when they attack.

If you are experiencing gnat problems, here are the ways on how you can achieve a gnat-free home for you and your family:

Put Gnat Traps

Gnats will be all-over your place if you have rotten fruits displayed in your kitchen. Like fruit flies, gnats are also interested in decaying fruits or overripe ones so they'll fly into your home and feed. If you want to get rid of the pest in a way that will help in controlling them as well, you can put traps on places that the pest is visibly present. You can mix sugar, apple cider vinegar, water, and dish soap in a container. The smell will attract gnats and once they are inside the container, they can’t go out as they will be stuck and will die due to drowning. Another is putting paper fly traps in areas where gnats are hanging out. Once they stick to the trap, they won’t be able to escape and will die eventually. 

Remove Decaying Materials

One of the reasons why gnats are present in your home is because they can spot decaying materials in your home. It is their food so they will search for it to satisfy them. If you always forget to throw away rotten things, start disposing of them regularly to avoid gnats. Once the pest comes into your home, it will be hard for you to get rid of them because female gnats will make sure that they will lay eggs every day to keep their population going. If you want to have a gnat-free home, begin removing decaying materials or better call Go-Forth Home Services to exterminate the pest successfully.

Clean Your Sinks

Gnats are interested in water sources so they will be found in your kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks. They'll find a way to get near your drains so you have to be vigilant. Since it is hard to clean your sinks, you don’t have to worry because an easier way to keep it clean at the same time free from gnats is by pouring bleach in it. Leave the poured bleach for some time before letting the water run. Cautiously use bleach because it can also be harmful to you. If you want a safe way of eliminating gnats, Columbia SC Exterminators can do it for you.

Are Gnats Eliminated With Pest Control?

If you have doubts about pest control, maybe you have chosen the wrong company to work with or the person who did it for you is not well-experienced. To answer your question, pest control can get rid of gnats in your home. Professionals who perform the control are skilled so they can eliminate few or more gnats. With their extensive knowledge of pest control, it is not a problem for them to get rid of any pest regardless of the size, type, infestation, and more. In pest control, proper equipment is used that can effectively remove gnats in your home. Also, Columbia, SC exterminators with great reviews know where the pest can be found as they are familiar with your enemy. Customized treatment plans are made for property so that your pest problem will indeed be removed.

When you avail pest control from professionals, you are saving yourself time and money because you don’t have to do the work on your own and will not have to spend on several pest control products that you are not sure if it will work or not.  If you have gnats, pest control is what you need and you’re good to go.

Professional Pest Control Company

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