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Pest Control With No Contract (Garner Exterminators)


Are you having problems with pests in your house? Are you worried that if you do not do something today, mosquitoes would bite you? Or that ants would steal your food? Or maybe cockroaches or mice would contaminate your water? If you are reading this, you probably are. There are so many things to be worried about these days, and pests are among them.

The good news is that the best pest control company in Garner, Go-Forth Home Services, is just one phone call away.  Mosquitoes, roaches, termites, ants, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, flies, and weevils are just some of the pests that Go-Forth Home Services specializes in.

One of the most common concerns that the residents of Garner have is that most pest control companies require you to sign contracts. While contracts are indeed very helpful in protecting the interests of both customers and companies, customers feel that it is such a burden for what they perceive as a one-time problem. This is one of the reasons why residents hesitate to call a pest control company, opting to do the extermination themselves. While this can be effective at some point, most pest problems require the assistance of the professionals. This is where Go-Fort Pest Control’s vaunted “no contract service” comes in.

Who should benefit from Go-Forth Home Services’s No Contact policy? Let us find out. Read on.

Why Use Go-Forth Home Services’s No Contract?

Go-Forth Home Services, the leading pest control in the Triangle region, is excited to offer homeowners its No Contract pest control services. This is a special offering that would benefit many homeowners.

Who should avail of this unique service? If you have creepy crawlies like cockroaches, rats, mice, weevils, spiders, and bed bugs, you may consider this service. If you have mosquitoes, flies, moths, and gnats, you should check this out too.

If you plan to sell your house and would be moving out soon, a one time pest control package is what’s right for you. The presence of pests brings down the value of a house, regardless of how big and beautiful it is. One such pest you should look out for are termites. A buyer might ask you for a Wood Destroying Insect Report before they push through with the sale. It is their right to ask for it, and the seller has to provide it. The Wood Destroying Insect Report is a report made by professional licensed termite exterminators that reports on whether there are damages made on the wood structures of a building caused by wood-destroying insects like termites or carpenter ants. 

If you are the seller of the house, then this report is often a requirement which you should secure.  This is only a report on whether the house or building is damaged, or has potential issues in the future.  It does not make any recommendations about buying the property and no treatment is necessarily made. It is still possible that the buyer may still buy your house, though historically the chances are small.

Another problem that people encounter with pest control professionals offering contracts is that it is becoming too sales-y for them. They feel like pest control companies are just pushing to reach their sales target. Of course, this view is not really shared by all people.

So, if you are moving out of your house and need treatment for pests, then a No Contract service is for you.

If you are in it for the long term, you may find that a contract would be beneficial to you and the company.

Benefits Of Having A Contract

Pest control companies offer long-term contracts in which they will come for a visit every month. The thing about having a contract is that since it is for the long term, you have to follow due diligence. Whatever the contract states, make sure that the company is a member of the National Pest Management Association or NPMA. Its reputation among the people in your area counts a lot too.

When the contract is served right in front of you, sit down and talk about it first.  Make sure that the service that they provide is exactly what you need, or that what you need is something that they can provide. Ask the company what methods they use in order to eliminate pests and to keep them away. This information is important to you especially if you have kids and pets. This will let you know if the pest control company you are talking to would be able to help you. You may find that some pest control companies do not handle larger pests like squirrels.

To minimize your risk, try to make the pest control company agree to having the problem solved first before you pay.  Some may agree, but some may not. If they do not agree, then at least ask for a 100% guarantee.

Types Of Household Pests

What are the types of pests that you need to get rid of?  Below is a list of creatures you should live without:


Mosquitoes are described as the most dangerous creatures on earth. These tiny blood-sucking flying insects may look delicately thin, but they are packed with disease-causing parasites that can cause death. Mosquitoes are responsible for killing millions of people every year; they have killed more people than all of the wars in history combined. Some of the diseases that they cause include dengue fever, malaria, West Nile fever, encephalitis, and elephantiasis. Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water, which you can find in old items like old cans, old tires, abandoned birdbaths, water containers, and ponds.  


You would not want any roaches near your family. Roaches are the dirtiest creatures on earth. They love crawling at the dirtiest places. They eat anything, including feces, trash, decomposing animals. Due to these filthy diets and habits, they carry with them lots of bacteria and viruses. They transmit nasty diseases to humans, such as salmonella, cholera, and typhoid fever. One problem we have with roaches is that they are so hardy; they can live for 30 days without food and 7 days without water. They can live for 1 week with its head cut off, breathing through the tiny holes in its body segments. They die after a week only because they could not drink any water.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, about the size of an apple-seed. They are bloodsucking insects that are usually found on the bed. Bed bugs are nocturnal, so they bite only when you sleep at night.  Their bites can be extremely itchy and unsightly. They are also considered as high health risks by the Department of Agriculture, the Center for Disease Control, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The thing about bed bugs is that early detection is vital if you want to control them by yourself. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to stop them once their population grows. People who have bed bugs report that they feel stressed out, anxious, unable to sleep, and depressed. Professional help is needed once they spread in other parts of your house.


Rats and mice cause both economic and health damage. Rats and mice have incisors that are constantly growing. To stop the incisors from growing, they need to constantly chew on anything. Because of this, you would usually find parts of your house in disrepair when you have these rodents. They chew on boxes, books, cardboards, papers, walls, gas pipes, and electric cables. Rats and mice can also contaminate your food and water, and ingesting contaminated food and water can cause deadly diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis, and cholera. What makes matters worse is that rodents reproduce quickly.  


Termites are one of the most destructive insects there is. Every year they cause billions of dollars in damage, and millions of dollars more to repair them all over the world. They are called the silent destroyers; you would not know they are in your house until it is too late. If you have any of these pests, do not worry.  Call the professionals. Of course, you do not want just any professional, you want the best. To learn more about our termite treatments in Garner, NC, call Go-Forth Home Services.

Go-Forth Home Services Is The Most Reliable Pest Exterminator You Can Have

No home or pest is the same, so there is no one size fits all solution.  At Go-Forth Home Services, we have professional technicians who will examine your home and your lawn to evaluate your individual necessity. We will identify points of entry and make treatments as necessary. We only use state of the art equipment to keep up with these ever-evolving pests. Our methods are proven to be family friendly and pet friendly, so you are assured of your family’s safety.

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