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Will Pest Control Get Rid Of Snakes? (Greensboro Exterminators)


Snakes are considered a vital part of the ecosystem. However, a lot of species possess harmful traits and may be deadly towards humans. Imagine the danger of walking around your garden where there are a lot of snakes feasting on. Surely, you don’t want to always get startled or be frightened whenever you see them.

Besides, knowing how dangerous they are, we need to take extra precautions. Though some snakes are as scared of us as we are scared of them, others are relentless. They attack at first glance. As non-experts about snakes, we don't know which are lethal and which are not. 

Ways To Get Rid Of Snakes

Therefore, as much as possible, you want to prevent snakes from entering your home or garden. Who wants to live in an area that brings so much discomfort anyways? But if snakes were able to get into your place, then here are some of the effective ways to get rid of them:

Use Natural Repellents

Natural repellents are the most common method to keep snakes away from the garden. Aside from being inexpensive, they are done effortlessly. It does not take much time to make your own. Here are some of the easiest and most natural repellents that can be made at home: 

Plant Lemongrass

Not everyone knows about the other benefits of planting lemongrass at home. Aside from using it for cooking or medical purposes, lemongrass can also repel snakes. This plant has a citrus smell that deters snakes. Lemongrass has a powerful smell that causes uneasiness and disorientation to snakes as they slither around the plant.  You can make lemongrass as a barrier. This plant will make your lawn unattractive to snakes. So, they are likely to go the other way. 

Plant Marigolds

Marigolds are popular for their bright and cheery flowers. They also have a strong odor that repels pests and snakes. Their roots grow deeply and aggressively, and they give off a pungent smell.  Plant marigolds not only to repel snakes but also to give a lively ambiance in your garden. What better way to hit two birds with one stone than planting Marigolds on your garden?

Plant Onion & Garlic

Onions and garlic are very valuable plants in the garden for repelling snakes. These plants give off a scent that confuses snakes. Onions and garlic have a very strong and distinct smell. These plants have sulfonic acid, also known as the chemical that makes us cry whenever we chop onions.  This acid will do the same for snakes. If your garden is full of garlic and onions, snakes are less likely to wander around. 

Spray Essential Oils

Essential oils are also an effective snake repellent. The most common essential oils used to dissuade snakes are clove and cinnamon oil. Essential oils are made of small molecules that can certainly infiltrate the skin and spread across the snake’s body. The strong oil can cause unpleasant effects on the snake, causing them to flee. For better results, combine essential oils with water and spray it on your plants as a barrier for snakes and other damaging pests. 

Spray Ammonia

Snakes don't like the scent of ammonia, so this is one alternative to spray around the infected areas of your garden. Another choice is to soak a rag in ammonia and put it inside an unsealed container. Place it near areas occupied by snakes to repel them. Careful not to disturb the snakes while people are nearby. Especially if you don't know what type of snake is there, it could cause accidents to other people. 

Use Lime

Make a mixture of snake-repellent lime and hot pepper or peppermint. Then spray it around your garden perimeter. Snakes dislike the scent of the mixture, and the odor is itchy to their skin.  If you apply this mixture regularly, you can deter the snakes. In no time, they will find your lawn unattractive and they will start to flee. 

Plant Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Mother-in-Law Tongue is considered to be one of the best plants to repel snakes. This is because of its sharp leaves. While smelly plants repel snakes and confuse them, Mother-in-Laws Tongue terrifies the snakes we like to repel.  This plant serves as a great barrier against the snakes. You only need to water it thrice a week so keeping them alive is a low maintenance job.

According to botanists, this plant is a great addition to the garden because it produces oxygen at a higher rate than most plants. This absorbs more carbon dioxide, generating more fresh air in our surroundings.

Clean Up Your Garden

Tallgrass, brush piles, and garbage stacks are the ideal habitat for pests and also snakes. So, remove these spots from your garden, and the snakes are likely to run away elsewhere. Consider doing the following things:

Regularly Mow Grass & Keep It Short

Snakes are less likely to live and travel across short grass as they increase their vulnerability to predators such as owls and hawks. Shorter grasses help deter snakes plus, it makes it easier for us to spot them. This gives us more time to figure out what we need to do or call for help. 

Avoid Over-Watering Your Garden

Too much water may attract other prey species like slugs, worms, and frogs. If the population of these pests increases, this will attract hungry snakes. If their food is constantly supplied, they are likely to stay and lurk around. This puts people and pets in danger. So, avoid overwatering your garden to not entice snakes.

Keep Trees & Shrubs Trimmed & Away From The Main House

Trees and shrubs are common snake hiding spots. Which is why experts recommend trimming them and keeping them away. As much as possible, move shrubs away from your house proper. This will disable snakes from entering your house. Plus, the distance from the shrubs is enough to give you a warning in case snakes try to come your way. 

Feed Pets Inside

Feeding your pets outside will attract pests, and once again, attract snakes. If it is important to feed them outside, clean up the mess and remove the uneaten food quickly to keep pests away and snakes won’t have to prey on them. 

Store Firewood, Excess Lumber & Other Types Of Debris Away From Your Garden

These things are usually the perfect places for snakes to hide. So, make sure to store them away from your home, especially your garden.

Place Sharp Materials

Sharp materials harm the snakes which usually keep them away. Once they roll over these materials, it will either irritate or cut their skin. Place some holly leaves, eggshells, rock chips, pine cones, rose bush clippings in your garden. So, snakes are uncomfortable to slither over these materials and will be pushed to go the other way.

Eliminate Wet Areas

Snakes like wet, moist areas. Do what you can to remove water sources from your garden. Fix drainage issues. Cut your shrubs to keep them off the ground. Clean up the remnants of last year's leaves. Also, clear any source of standing water like birdbaths and slow-draining flower pots. Do anything you can to dry up your garden and send snakes away.

Consider Fencing

Fencing may be worth considering keeping snakes away. If repellents don’t work, fences can be your last resort. Fencing is a large-scale effort to fully prevent snakes from gaining access to your garden. Some of the most common types of snake fences are:

  • Regular solid fences made up of vinyl or wood.
  • Construction fences or temporary landscaping that uses plastic fabric or mesh.
  • Steel Mesh fencing that sticks out of the ground for a certain angle.
  • Net fencing that traps snakes.

To achieve an effective snake fence, here are the following properties it must possess:

  • Surrounds the garden area completely.
  • Be completely flush with the ground.
  • Strong or less than a quarter-inch mesh.

Get Help From Trusted Professional Exterminator

This is the best way to get rid of snakes in your surroundings. With the help of professionals, all you need to do is relax and let them do the work. Unlike DIYs that only repel snakes, these experts use effective measures to get rid of them for good. This includes getting rid of the eggs and applying the necessary procedures to prevent them from ever coming back.

Visit Greensboro, NC pest control professionals for the whole exterminator package.

So, there you have it! These are some of the effective ways you can get rid of snakes from your garden. Snakes are hard to deal with. But it is an overwhelming challenge we need to face and accomplish. If you want to sleep peacefully at night, apply these measures now to save yourself of all the worry.

Make sure to seek assistance as the need arises. If things become uncontrollable, do not hesitate to call for an expert's help like the exterminators of Go-Forth Home Services. Call them now and get rid of these snakes for good.