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Will Pest Control Kill Fleas? (Winston-Salem Exterminators)


There are times when your dogs or cats feel uncomfortable as they keep on scratching and biting which makes it an uncommon sight. Your pets can lightly scratch, lick, and bite but excessive doings can lead to problems. When your pets are acting weird lately, fleas may be around infesting them. 

Fleas are common pests that every pet owner will encounter not only once but several times. If you don't keep your pets healthy and groomed, that's the time the pest will seriously do its job so maintaining the well-being of your pets is vital.

Moreover, fleas are not the only pests you have to worry at home because aside from this tiny pest, you can as well get ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, spiders, ticks, and silverfish and most of these are more damaging and dangerous than fleas. When you allow fleas or other pests to infest your home, the one to suffer is you, your family, pets, and property. That's why pest control is recommended when you have vermin in and out of your property.

Pest management or pest control is the top answer to all your pest issues because it mainly focuses on the total elimination of vermin found in your home. Professionals like Go-Forth Home Services should perform flea control or pest control because they are more appropriate as they have are fully-equipped and trained to exterminate all sorts of pests found in any property–whether residential or business establishments.

When you have fleas, fight them off and here are some of the things you need to know about the pest and the ability of pest control to get rid of them successfully.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are among the parasites that will feed not only on warm-blooded animals like dogs but on humans too.  Though they can target humans, they mostly prefer to attack animals. They are pests at home because they can cause an infestation when a host is available like pet cats and dogs. Fleas are picky when it comes to the environment as they need a moist and warm setting for them to thrive.

Fleas are not only good at feeding but they are also great jumpers. They can jump vertically and horizontally and in both ways, their jumps are high. With their small body frames, they can have a blood meal more than 15 times of their original body weight. Even if they are full, they can still accommodate a lot of blood in their bodies. With this ability, they can get liters of blood from your dogs or cats! If you want to avoid fleas the most, an exterminator in Winston-Salem, NC should be called as they can eliminate your problem in a nick of time.

Life Cycle Of Fleas

Fleas have a very flexible life cycle and because of this, they can live inside their larvae for a year or can quickly become an adult for a short period. The pest's life cycle depends on the temperature so if your home is warm, the cycle can rapidly develop in no time. When female fleas go pregnant, within a day, they can give birth to 50 eggs a day after feeding on blood. The flea eggs will take up half of the flea infestation. When the environment is humid and warm, these eggs will hatch and will enter the larvae stage.

Flea larvae also need food so they will feed on anything and they are not usually found on your pets but larvae will hide on carpets, furniture, upholstery, and more that will make them safe and protected.

After the larval stage, fleas will now become pupae and this is where the pest stays inside a cocoon for two weeks. This is the stage where they can stay for more than a year when their environment is not yet perfect for them to become flea adults. Once the pupae start to get out of their cocoons, they become adult fleas. Take note, adult fleas only take 5% of the infestation and flea eggs almost sum up the infestation.

That's why the first stage of the cycle, which is the eggs, should be removed immediately and you can let Go-Forth Home Services do it for you. 

How To Eliminate Fleas

Having fleas at home will not put you at ease because they can bring a lot of problems not only to you but to your pets as well. If you have been suffering from flea infestation and would like to get rid of them as quickly as possible, there are several ways on how you can exterminate fleas quickly:

Inspect Your Home Carefully

One of the reasons why fleas thrive freely in your home is because they are not inspected properly. Not checking your home for fleas will make things worse because you will not have an idea about the presence of the pest. When you inspect your home, you’ll be able to find where fleas are hiding and infesting so it will provide you an idea that pesky fleas are troubling your home. You will know where the pest is causing too many problems. You should not only focus on checking your property but your pets should be inspected as well since they are the carriers of fleas. If you want a professional to inspect your home, Go-Forth Home Services are the best people to call.

Wash All Belongings That Have Fleas

When you have fleas, you should not neglect your belongings because your things can also be hiding places for fleas. We know that the pest will feed on your pets so you should check even the pet beds and toys. By doing so, you will know the severity of the infestation and don’t expect that fleas will only be in your pet’s fur. They will also be found in areas that are near your dogs.

Eggs and larvae will not be able to cling into your pets so these will slide down and will settle on pet beds, carpets, toys, fabrics, and any places that will help them thrive and be protected. Don’t only wash the belongings of your pets, but your things as well especially if it has fleas. Make sure to use hot water when laundering to kill the live fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Use Flea Home Remedies

If you want to do the control first on your own, you may do so and there are flea home remedies that you can apply that can help in eliminating the pest in your place. One is by using diatomaceous earth. The pest is quickly killed because the powder helps in removing all fluids found in fleas. Once the fluids are gone, the pest will die due to dehydration and you can use diatomaceous earth on other pests found in your home. Another is by making flea traps using soapy water. You can place the soapy water in areas where fleas are typically present. You should put the trap at night time since fleas are nocturnal. Once they are inside the soapy water, they can’t escape because the soap will glue them and will eventually die in the end.

You can also spread baking soda and salt in infested areas. The baking soda will help in getting rid of fleas clinging into the fibers of the carpets especially the eggs and larvae. The salt will dehydrate the pest and it will help in killing adult fleas in your home. After sprinkling baking soda or salt, make sure to vacuum the areas so that the pest, eggs, and larvae will be removed and throw them away from your property.

Will Pest Control Help In Eliminating Fleas?

Yes! Pest control has a huge help in eliminating fleas because whether you do it or Winston-Salem area exterminators perform the pest management, it can get rid of fleas in your home. Using the right treatments and extermination methods, pest control for fleas is not a problem. When you have fleas, pest control is the only answer.

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