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Greensboro, NC's Effective House Mice Prevention Guide

close up of mouse in corner

Rodents are types of pests that exist in most parts of the world that are known for being bothersome and posing health risks. Mice and rats are two of the most common types that invade homes. House mice are relatively small, with a body length that rarely exceeds four inches (tail excluded), fur that usually appears grey, and a lighter colored underbelly.

Mice will commonly enter homes seeking sources of food, water, and shelter. After entering, these critters may begin reproducing rapidly, with young females becoming capable of birth in only a month or two. When in nature, mice tend to consume seeds, nuts, and insects and will certainly investigate any accessible trash cans for food scraps. 

What Are The Problems That Mice Can Create?

As with all rodents, mice have overgrown front teeth (incisors) that cause them to chew on things constantly. Greensboro property owners may find that these pests gnaw through wiring that creates potential fire hazards, thin piping that may cause leaks, and a host of other materials. 

Meanwhile, mice regularly pass through filthy areas such as drains and trash and may have exposure to parasites. Inside a home, they can contaminate food and surfaces as they forage and leave a trail of excrement. House mice have been known to carry leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and many other harmful concerns.

Some Tips For Preventing Them

Property owners should consider the following best practices for prevention:

  • Inspect the lower level of the structure near the foundation for the development of any cracks or other points of entry and fill them by applying a sealant or caulk.
  • Keep the area adjacent to the home free from unnecessary clutter and debris such as firewood storage, piles of leaves and other vegetation, or other things that might create hiding places for rodents.
  • Limit access to food sources by regularly sweeping crumbs off the floor and placing leftovers in the refrigerator other durable sealed containers.
  • Trash cans containing food scraps should have tightly fitting lids.

Do I Need A Professional Pest Controller?

Today, online retailers and local home improvement stores sell a variety of overhyped pest control options for the do-it-yourselfer. Many of these products prove to be insufficient at expelling pests entirely for various reasons and may contain harsh chemicals. Mice and other rodents are often very resilient and will create their nests deep within the structure of your home in hard-to-reach places as they proliferate and expand their presence. 

The pest control specialists with Go-Forth Home Services will arrive at your property and conduct a detailed inspection of both the interior and exterior areas to identify the type of pest(s) involved and the extent of the intrusion. Our experts are equipped with a variety of the latest products for eradicating these rodents, including traps, bait stations, glue boards, and others that have proven both safe and effective. 

Our technician will determine the points of entry and implement measures to correct the problem. In many cases, our professionals will discover other existing property conditions that make your home susceptible to future intrusions from these or other pests.

Leading Pest Control Company In Greensboro 

In addition to rodents, our team of trained technicians has decades of experience solving problems involving ants, termites, stinging insects, and many other unwanted and potentially harmful creatures that infiltrate homes.  As a local organization, Go-Forth Home Services is committed to operating to protect our customers and the local environment that we share.

Consistent with our commitment to safety, we now use many of the latest products recommended by the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) and other industry leaders who advocate for eco-friendly operations. Please contact us for a property assessment and estimate today.