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How Dangerous Are The Cockroaches In Columbia, SC?

german cockroach on bread

Few insects are nastier than cockroaches. These dirty bugs spread disease and contribute to unsanitary conditions throughout a property. Only by working hard to prevent them, with help from professionals, can you keep your property from becoming invaded by these disgusting pests.

Most Common Cockroaches

There are many different species of cockroaches in the world and several that are common to our area. The most common are German cockroaches, which are noted by their distinctive dark dash marks on their top shells. All cockroaches are generally oval-shaped, with a pair of long antennae sticking out of their heads. While their name may be misleading, German cockroaches thrive all around the world. They can squeeze into impossibly tiny cracks and holes, helping them survive being stepped on and making preventing their populations a difficult task. No matter what kind of cockroach is plaguing your property, they are all bad news and can lead to larger problems.

Cockroaches Are Dangerous

Aside from being generally disgusting, cockroaches pose many direct and serious health risks, not to mention the property damage that they can contribute to. Here are just some of the problems that can accompany a cockroach infestation:

  • Damage: Cockroaches can chew through wallpaper and insulation. They also leave gross stains behind on walls, floors, and other surfaces. These are just some of the many ways roaches can damage property.
  • Disease: Many diseases, including salmonella and plague, are carried by cockroaches and transmitted to humans.
  • Contamination: Because cockroaches will attack stored food and track germs across the surfaces where we eat and prepare meals, they are a sure source of contamination.
  • Allergies: Cockroaches are a source of dust and dander, so their presence can worsen allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Odor: With their droppings and musty skin sheds laying around, cockroaches can create nasty odors that spread throughout a home.

Why Cockroach Prevention Is So Hard

Cockroaches are scavengers, meaning they search high and low for waste that they can gather for nests or food. It’s this behavior that makes them such common invaders of homes and businesses, and also why keeping them out can be so difficult. Human structures provide them with all they need to survive -- food, water, and shelter -- and cockroaches are uniquely capable of not only invading but resisting elimination attempts. They can flatten their bodies to squeeze in through even the slightest crack in your walls or foundation, and once they’re inside they quickly breed and make more cockroaches. Like most insects, a cockroach infestation can quickly turn into a large population, as a single mature female can lay dozens of eggs at a time. That also means that whatever cockroaches you may manage to kill with household methods will quickly be replenished. Only experts can address the root of the problem and implement safe, effective treatments. Trying to get rid of cockroaches on your own can be ineffective and further expose you to the dangerous pathogens and parasites they may carry.

Let Go-Forth Home Services Lend A Hand

Because cockroach prevention is so difficult, you should partner with pest professionals who can give you a leg up on these gross invaders. At Go-Forth Home Services, we can inspect your property for cockroaches or signs of pest activity. We’ll quickly match prevention or elimination solutions to your property, following up in a few weeks to make sure the problem stays gone. That’s pest control you can rely on, and it’s much more effective than do-it-yourself methods that will only cost you crucial time in getting an infestation under control.

Stay protected from cockroaches of all kinds with the proven services provided by Go-Forth Home Services.