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The Most Effective Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Your Charlotte Home

bed bug crawling on skin

Bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to completely prevent. Not only are they incredibly small and hard to spot, but they can also get into homes in several ways. Learning how diligent prevention and professional solutions can truly protect you from bed bugs will help you stay safe from their nighttime bites.

Bed Bugs: Nightmares For Homeowners

When it comes to worst-case scenarios for homeowners, bed bugs are right up there. They spread quickly and result in annoying, itchy bites for people and pets. The discomfort and disgust that comes from bed bugs’ parasitic habits make many homeowners panic the moment they notice the signs of these pests. As soon as bites begin to emerge on the skin or stains appear on the bedsheets, people impatiently search for fast and cheap ways to cull the population. The problem is that bed bugs are incredibly difficult to clamp down on, and failed elimination methods can simply delay a worsening of the problem rather than truly address it. Rather than wait until bed bugs are there to do something about them, it’s better to take frequent prevention steps and contact experts for help if issues with bed bugs arise.

Why At-Home Solutions Often Fail

Before we get to what actually works, it’s important to cover some of the basics of why at home or do-it-yourself solutions often don’t work. Aside from the fact that bed bugs are so tiny, you might not even be able to see them all, they are also found in far more places than just inside your mattress. Bed bugs can infest any furniture, clothing, or household containers, and they can be picked up in public places and brought inside your home without you even realizing it. That’s why no home is truly safe from bed bugs. It’s also why you should turn directly to pest professionals rather than trying any of these methods:

  • Heat: Anyone who thinks that blasting your fabrics with a hairdryer or other appliance is just asking for a house fire. Oh, and it does very little to kill off bed bugs, and even less to kill off their eggs.
  • Vinegar: The miracle applications of vinegar are some of the oldest wives’ tales out there. No matter what granny tells you, there’s little evidence that vinegar does anything to ward off bed bugs. Plus, who wants to smell vinegar in the bedroom?
  • Devices: Technological advancements claim to solve just about any problem you can think of, including bed bugs. Some sonic devices supposedly emit a frequency that bed bugs can’t stand. Even if this did work, it would be a temporary prevention measure and not a full solution. The cost of batteries would quickly eclipse the cost of professional treatments, too.

Proven Control From Go-Forth Home Services

Aside from their dubious track records, those at home solutions all share another trait: not being worth the cost. Even if you find a cheap solution that seems to work, an effective solution won’t do any good in untrained hands. Unless a solution completely eradicates all the bed bugs in a home -- and all the eggs they may have hidden elsewhere -- it will only be a temporary band-aid on the problem. Bed bugs can go weeks without a meal, and their eggs will simply hatch and replenish any that you did manage to address. So, in the few weeks you’ve bought yourself to assume the problem is gone, it will simply come right back and you’ll have wasted both time and money. That’s why turning directly to the professionals, at the first sign of bed bugs, is the smart way to go. Not only is it more cost-effective in the long run, but it’s also the best way to make sure your home is safe from other pests, too.

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At Go-Forth Home Services, we know how to root out and eliminate all the bed bugs that are causing you problems. Our safe and effective removal will let you rest easy knowing that trained eyes have searched high and low for all the bed bugs that might be plaguing your home. We won’t just service your home and leave, either. We’ll follow up and make sure the bed bugs truly are gone, providing additional service at no cost until you’re rid of the population for good.

Address bed bugs the right way with proven services from Go-Forth Home Services.