3 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Crickets

November 29, 2018

Crickets are a type of insects that come from the Gryllidae family with belongs to an animal group called Orthoptera. These organisms are related to bush type of crickets and are also associated most of the time with grasshoppers. On average, there are about 900 various type of crickets in the said animal family and hundreds of these can be found in large countries such as the United States.

Crickets can grow up to 2 inches long, depending on the type of environment they’re in and how much they are able to eat. Commonly, crickets grow to be half an inch if they are living indoors while a cricket that spends most of its time outdoors can grow about one inch or longer.

Cricket Extermination Made Easy

These species are known to replicate in massive numbers and are able to reproduce in pretty much any type of space. However harmless, these creatures can sometimes be an issue especially if they grow in number near you. Here are the best ways to get rid of crickets.

Destroy Potential Nesting Areas

We recommend that you remove all possible areas or hiding spots where Crickets may nest in your house. Check everything from the window sills up to the bottom of the doors; screen and wood. You have to see to it that everything is sealed and that all future Crickets are prevented from entering. Once you have inspected where the cracks and gaps are, fill these holes in with sealants.

Also, make sure that trash bins in your house are regularly cleaned and dumped outside. If you have a garden or plants near your home, make sure to trim and have your garden taken care off in order to prevent creating an inviting environment for Crickets to lay eggs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another effective home remedy and solution for crickets is Diatomaceous Earth. This powder is created by simply converting algae skeletons to a powder. Using this method against Crickets is probably one of the most harmless – non toxic way to eliminate the presence of Crickets in our homes. You can either use this substance indoor or outdoor, just make sure that you use it on the areas where the pests are usually found. This powder will significantly cause dehydration to Crickets and ultimately killing them.

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