3 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

December 1, 2018

Mice seem to be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of, but our company specializes in various ways in exterminating these kinds of pests. Over time, the issue of having these pests lingering around homes, buildings, establishments and such seem to be ever existing and recurring. The goal though hasn’t changed, the goal is still to completely get rid of them!  This is why we have listed for you 3 best ways to get rid of these pests, or may I say mice!

Mice Control Made Simple!

1. Keep It Squeaky Clean

We all know that the number one reason why rats and mice love infesting in certain places is because of the condition of the environment. These pests love places that are moist, dark and warm. It’s usually a combination of the three that attracts them to dwell in a particular space. Basically, the goal is to constantly do clean-ups on prospective places that would potentially be the nesting place for these pests. While it is almost impossible to not have “busy spots” (spaces that usually turn into the moist, dark and warm spots) in our houses or offices, it is still possible to have these areas cleaned and maintained. In this way, dwelling areas for such pests are destroyed leaving them no choice but to transfer to another location for habitation.

2. Be Smarter & Sneakier

These little ones can sometimes be smart and sneaky, but they can still be beaten! Rats and mice have their strategies on how they can extract food from different places, if you’re going to beat them, you can defeat them by using traps with irresistible bait. There are a lot of various traps you can decide to go along with, but one of the major ones being used today are those called Electronic Mouse Traps, where caught pests are immediately electrocuted once trapped. Baits on the other hand are what you can use together with your chosen traps. For this, you can easily use anything that has a strong smell of food rats and mice are usually attracted to.

3. Contact Pest Control Services

If you’re just going to spend on something, why not go for the BEST? Go-Forth Pest Control specializes in various pest control and lawn care services that are catered from the usual to special needs of its customers. Since 1959, the company has since then been dedicated in finding ground breaking solutions for the always existing pest problems and has ever since been continuously working on various ways to eliminate pests. Over the years, Go-Forth Pest Control has since then created various services which specializes on how to eradicate from the most basic to the most dealt-with pest problems. Luckily, one of the services Go-Forth specializes in is getting rid of rats and mice! Our company does not only offer solutions on how to eliminate problems that are already there, but we also offer preventive measures to regular maintenance services in order to ensure a pest free environment for our customers.


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