4 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice At Home

January 4, 2019

Upon opening your cupboard, a big mouse suddenly surprises you. Or while walking along the kitchen, you see a mouse following your trail. These little creatures can give us a heart attack at some point (well, a bit). Not anymore!

Effectively Eliminate Mice 

Here, we have outlined four efficient ways to achieve a mice-free living environment! Rodents or mice seek shelter indoors and when they are inside, serious damage may likely to occur. They do not just carry bacteria (e.g., salmonella on their bodies) as well as contaminate foods and kitchen equipment and surfaces but put houses at risk of electrical fires as well as they tend to gnaw through the wires. Below are simple yet effective ways to eliminate these infuriating pests.

Mouse Traps Or Baits

How do you know if you need a mouse trap or bait for getting rid of rodents? That solely depends upon your preferences and needs. Traps are baited with cheese, peanut butter or other foods that can lure mouse. They also give proof of an effective kill or capture to track behavior.

Many forms of traps are available in the market, including the traps that allow you to see the mouse when it is dead, traps that don't allow you to see the mouse after it is dead, and traps with a catch and release option. Baits, on the other hand, are positioned in a bait station in which the rodents enter, bite on the bait block, then leave and typically die in the nest within 1-2 days.

Mouse Repellent

Various mouse repellents are available, both natural, non-chemical and chemical-based options. Herbal mouse repellents are available too, which have been shown to repel the populations of rat and mouse effectively. Place it in the rooms or areas where rodents will likely enter the home.

Call A Professional

When should you call professional help? If you find yourself really in need of expert assistance in spite of your effort in eliminating mice, ask your neighbors or friends for recommendations. Make sure the company or service provider is licensed by the state and a member of   a national or state association. Professionals are guaranteed to provide you with efficient help to remove rodents in your home and won't pesky your family for good.

Good Sanitation

First things first, keep food away from mice. Store your cereals, grains, and other pantry items in sealed containers or canisters. Also, store perishables, such as potatoes and fruits, in the refrigerator. Another thing you must think about is the pet food. Don't leave it overnight. Otherwise, you are attracting rodents to enter your home.

Only put enough amount of food that your pet will eat. Vacuum the floors. Wipe down counters to remove crumbs, residue, and other access to food sources. Secure your garbage too. Keep the garbage can lid on tight and nice.   Controlling and managing mice are highly crucial for safety and health reasons. Don't ignore the issue; take action immediately with the methods above.

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