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December 3, 2018

Spiders are well known arthropods that usually have eight legs and fangs that they use to inject their venom. They are actually ranked as the seventh for the species that contain great diversity among any other organisms. These insects can typically be found anywhere except in Antarctica where they are not successful in establishing a habitat. Though these things come in the family of insects, they differ simply because of antennas; spiders don’t have antennas like any other insect does.

All-Natural Spider Prevention Methods

Spiders have segmented bodies and jointed limbs with a cuticle made of particles that have high protein content, their heads also contain several sets of eyes that enable them to capture a wide range of view in their environment. These little creatures also breathe through different ventral surfaces located on the sides of their bodies which allow air to enter through and out of their bodies. These things usually feed on waste products and convert it into uric acid.

Some of their kind have glands that enable venom to pass from their system to their hosts system, thus making this a way for them to capture their pray. But in other times, they also use their naturally produced silk to capture other organisms. While Spiders seem to be very creepy little things, they can still be prevented from going into our homes. We’ve listed some of the best ways you can use in order to get rid of them.

Take Use Of Cedar

You may use either Cedar Mulch or Cedar Oil. If you’re using oil, you may mix it with water and put it in a spray can so you can easily use it on a regular basis. We also advise you to place cedar in your house to keep spiders away. For even a small amount of cedar is effective enough in repelling spiders in your homes. Another thing you can use is cedar wood which is something that spiders are not really fond of. You can use cedar wood by adding some of its mulch around your house perimeter so you can keep spiders from coming in.

Citrus Peels

For this method, you can use either lemon, orange or grapefruit peels. Citrus fruits give off a very acidic smell that helps in repelling small insects such as spiders. These type of fruits contain a high acetic acid which is not tolerable for spiders. What you can do is rub on the fruit peels on your doors, window sills, bookshelves and any other spaces where spiders could usually crawl into. If you’re using essential oil, you may mix a few oil droplets with some water in a spray bottle and use the mixture in spraying around different areas in your house.

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