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March 14, 2018

Besides being gross, having bugs on your property can also be a serious health risk to you and your household. They contaminate food, spread diseases and those that bite can cause some serious skin reactions. Most of the bugs also breed pretty fast which makes it easy for an infestation to get out of hand if appropriate control methods are not initiated. There are two ways to get rid of bugs from your property. You can either opt for a DIY bug control or go the services of a professional exterminator. The methods of eliminating bugs are however similar both for professional and DIY pest control.

Prevent The Infestation

For bugs to invade a property, they are usually attracted to it either by being a conducive environment for development or availability of food. Once they invade, they nest and start breeding. There are also certain bug species that are attracted to a property by the presence of similar bug species. One of the initial ways of getting rid of bugs is through preventing the infestation in the first place. Basic sanitation and observing hygiene works pretty well for a majority of the bugs.

Cockroaches for instance can be easily controlled by keeping counter tops of kitchen clean and dry. You should also regularly empty your garbage cans and keep them clean and free of scent that may attract the bugs. Besides sanitation, bug infestation can also be prevented by using bug repellents. These can be applied both on and around the premises. repellents are a great alternative considering the fact that they prevent invasions for a long time.

Use The Right Treatments

If you already have bugs on your property, you will obviously need to figure out a way of either killing or driving them out. There are several treatments and the best one depends on the type of bug you are dealing with and the degree of the infestation. Sprays are usually an easy to use and direct way of controlling bugs. They are applied directly onto the bug or in their nests for the communal species. Before selecting the treatment, you need to find out more about the bug and the poisons or treatments that work against it.

You should also familiarize with the ideal methods of application and how much of the treatment you need for this particular invasion. Other factors you may need to consider before choosing the treatment is the presence of pets and kids and the effects of using the treatment on the environment.

Set Up Bait & Traps

Another brilliant way of getting rid of bugs is through setting up baits and traps. For bugs that are attracted to scent, is a lot easy to set up efficient traps. All you need is the traps and the scent they are attracted to. They will then scurry to these traps and baits where they will either get captured or poisoned. You will however need to ensure that the bait is set up in strategic locations where they will be reached by the largest number of the bugs.

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