Can I Bug Bomb One Room & Stay In The House?

April 13, 2020

Today, pest control keeps on advancing. New methods and technologies are emerging that help in eliminating pests found in your property. Most homes are experiencing pest problems especially from household pests like cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, and more. Business establishments focusing on foods and hotels are suffering from vermin. When customers see pests running around them or sharing a meal with them, that would end in loss of clients or the worst, closure of a business.

With the presence of pests nowadays, living peacefully and comfortably is never possible. They will infest when you least expect them. Vermin are becoming a pain in the head because of the effects they bring like property damage, illnesses, inconveniences, etc. That’s why, when you have them, pest control from professionals should be acquired.

On the other hand, pest control can be DIY or be professionally done. If you can't afford a professional to do pest control, DIY is the answer. Bug bombs are becoming a trend today and it is not only used for bugs but other pests as well. But, using it, there are things you need to know for you to be out of danger.

If you prefer bug bombs, here are the things you should learn about this pest control process. 

What Are Bug Bombs?

You may be curious as to what bug bombs are.

If you don’t know what these are, we will give you an idea. Bug bombs are known as foggers that are sprayed into areas, surfaces, or items that have pests. However, bug bombs can’t reach areas such as hidden areas like crevices and cracks. These don't spray or mist gas that can reach these kinds of places. Bug bombs are effective on pests that are found in the open spaces. Foggers can kill bugs or insects immediately as long as they are exposed. It can be applied on vermin that are always found in the open rather than on pests that like to hide such as cockroaches and bed bugs.

Though using bug bombs is good for your property when pests are around, you should know that excessive usage of it can lead to risks at home such as health problems because it contains harmful chemicals that can threaten humans, animals, and the environment.

Can You Stay Inside The House After Bug Bombing A Room?

When treating pests is the matter, you would always ask if you can stay or not when the treatment process is performed. Like in doing bug bombing, you would like to know if it is okay for you to stay inside your house when you fog one of the rooms. Well, staying inside the house can be fine since you are only bug bombing one room. However, even though a single room is being treated, there is a chance that the chemicals can spread all over the house which is not good.

Also, if you only fogged one room, there is a possibility that you will not be able to eliminate all pests because we know that vermin can be found in all areas of your house. With this, you have to apply bug bombs in the entire house to take down your enemies. Staying in the house is not indeed recommendable because you might inhale toxic chemicals that can harm you, your family, pets, and the environment.

Even though you decide to fog one room in your home, it is not best to stay inside the house to avoid risks and dangers brought by bug bombs. 

How To Safely Use Bug Bombs

If you prefer to use bug bombs for your property when pests are around, you should know how to use it to avoid accidents. Here are ways to safely use bug bombs:

Read & Follow Instructions

When you use bug bombs, there are instructions on the label that you need to follow. By reading, you will understand how it works and how it should be applied. If you carelessly apply it in your property, you can put your loved ones’ well-being at risk. If you want to keep everyone safe and if you want bug bombs to be effective read and follow instructions properly.

Don’t Apply It Small Walled Areas

We know that you badly want to remove pests in your home but you should know that bug bombs are not to be applied to small walled areas. Your cabinets, vehicles, and closets can be infested areas as well but if you apply bug bombs, it is not recommendable because chemicals will linger longer and if you open these areas quickly, you can inhale the chemicals that can be bad for your health. Make sure if you apply bug bombs, do it in large areas so that it can kill pests found in all parts of your home.

Keep Away From Flammable Areas

If you want to use bug bombs safely by means of not putting your home in a fire, make sure when you apply it, you should keep it away from things that can trigger a fire. The chemicals contained by bug bombs are hazardous so when it is exposed to open flames, fire accidents can happen. Also, you should not only avoid open flames but also make sure that all appliances are unplugged and pilot lights are turned off to reduce explosion and fire incidents in your area. You wouldn't want to lose your home more tragically. 

Remove Belongings & Other Valuable Items

If you are planning to apply bug bombs, before spraying, make sure that all your belongings and other items are removed and kept in safe areas to avoid contamination. Food, plants, toys for children and pets, clothes, and more should get rid first so that chemicals from fogging will not cling on your items. If you, your children, or pets have used sprayed items, they can ingest the chemicals that can affect their health. If foods are sprayed with chemicals, throw them after the treatment to avoid problems. 

Don’t Use Too Many Bug Bombs

Some people think using too much bug bombs is better so they tend to excessively apply it. However, it is not recommended because too much can lead to the worst problems. Manufacturers have already tested their products so they know the right amount of bug bombs to be used and it is indicated in the label. If you use too much, your safety and well-being will be the ones at risk. Instead of killing pests in your home, you are bringing problems to you, your family and pets. Always use the right amount of bug bombs to keep everyone and your property in good hands.

Here you go!

These are the ways on how you can safely apply bug bombs in your home. As a homeowner, you always want your house to be conducive for living so removing pests at home should be done. Bug bombs are helpful yet it has effects that may put everyone in danger. When you resort to bug bombs, make sure to follow how it should be applied and vacate the area after the treatment.

If you have family members suffering from respiratory problems, asthma, and other chronic diseases that can affect their breathing, let them leave the house first before you apply bug bombs because exposing them can trigger their illness and with this, they will need immediate medical attention. Never let your family or even your pets be present when you are spraying because you might put them at high risk.

Also, after you have bug bombed even one room, you still have to vacate the house and wait for 2 to 4 hours before entering again. The time for waiting can also be found in the label so it is important to read the label before and after the application. 

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