Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? (Hickory Exterminators)

March 26, 2020

Have you been getting bites after waking up lately? Do you find it unusual since it doesn’t happen to you at all times? Well, if you have been getting bites during your sleep, you might have bed bugs at home and you don’t know it.

Bed bugs are one of the pests that will invade your home because they need you and your family to survive. Yes, your blood helps them to thrive that’s why they cling to you in any way possible. Bed bugs will possibly get near you by hiding in your mattress, clothing, pillowcases, bedsheets, and more. These tiny bugs will sneak into your home and settle themselves and if you don't detect them instantly, they can multiply quickly and you’ll find it difficult to get rid of them.

The pest is surely one of the hardest enemies because they can’t be eliminated by simply spraying them. You need thorough planning on how you can get rid of them and sometimes, you don’t have the time and idea since you are not experienced. If you want the best result in exterminating bed bugs, you need the help of Hickory, NC area exterminators who are more qualified to do the pest control.

Pest control is always the best answer to any pest problem because it can indeed remove pests infesting in properties. Even bed bugs are eradicated because professionals ensure that only appropriate treatments are applied that can guarantee total pest extermination. However, not everyone is into pest control. They think the process is not enough to get rid of bed bugs. If you don’t like pest control, well, we will convince you to love it and you’ll have a change of heart after finding everything about bed bugs and pest control.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are among the peskiest pests your home will have and you pray that they don’t exist ever.  The pest doesn’t come because they want to but because they can find a lot of ways to get into your home.

Here are the reasons on how you acquire the pest and bring them back into your property:


Everyone loves traveling but it can be one of the reasons why you have bed bugs at home. It is typical for you to stay in a hotel, motel, resort or inn in the destination of your choice. However, even staying in the cleanest accommodation will not guarantee that you will not encounter bed bugs. When you stay in a room, make sure to check it for bed bugs to be sure.

Almost every traveler encounters bed bug problems in their vacations and you don’t want to be part of those communities that share their bad experiences about the accommodations they have booked. Bed bugs will cling into your clothing, luggage, bags, shoes, and more. When you come home, those bed bugs will disperse and look for places to hide.

If you suspect bed bug infestations, Go-Forth Pest Control should be called immediately to stop it rapidly.

Visitors & Guests

There are times that you invite people over for gatherings or simple meet-ups. However, if you have invited someone that is suffering as well from bed bugs, there is a high chance that the pest will be transferred to your place. Bed bugs will cling to humans and will look for other humans to feed on and that could be you. The pest will attach themselves to your furniture, carpets, upholstery, and more and because of this; they will be left behind to infest your place. That’s why it is recommend that when your guests leave, immediately wash the bedding, blankets, pillowcases, and more to prevent the pest from spreading.

Second-Hand Purchases

Some people are fond of second-hand purchases because it is cheaper than the ones bought in malls or actual stores. Mostly, furniture, bags, and clothes are commonly bought and these can be places for bed bugs to infest. The pest will hide in second-hand items until it is bought. Once you bring it home, you can’t escape the wrath of the pest. According to the experts in Hickory, NC it is fine to buy second-hand items but make sure to check it first for bed bugs before buying it to keep your home bed bug-free.

Signs Of Bed Bugs At Home

If you think you got bed bugs, better check these signs and if all apply in your place, you are indeed under bed bugs invasion.

  • Dark spots – the dark spots you see on your bed are fecal matters of bed bugs and if you keep on seeing it almost every day, it is a sign that you have the pest.

  • Red and itchy bites – bed bugs bite and they leave itchy and red ones that will make you uncomfortable for days. If you keep on getting bites especially on open skin, you got the pest.

  • Live bed bugs – seeing live ones crawling in your bed or around the house is an obvious indication that you have the pest at home.

Ways To Keep Bed Bugs Away

When bed bugs attack, they are unstoppable so to avoid the situation from severing, here are ways on how you can keep the pesky bed bugs away.

Inspect Your Home

Inspecting helps a lot because it can indeed give you an idea of what pest is present in your house and actively infesting. You will also know if you are only dealing with one pest or a lot of them. If you want to keep bed bugs away, always inspect your home. Check all possible areas where the pest is hiding like mattress, bags, clothing, luggage, bed sheets, and other unimaginable places like bed frames, picture frames, and more. 

Launder Belongings With Hot Water

Bed bugs can thrive even without food but if you want them out of your sight and life, killing them using warm temperature is a big help. If you spot bed bugs on some of your belongings, you can launder it with hot water. Clothes, fabrics, bed sheets, and more should be washed quickly because it will help in stopping the pest from surviving and multiplying.

Vacuum Your Home

Since bed bugs are too small and you can’t kill everything with your hands, vacuuming them is the solution. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth first on infested areas so that bed bugs will die of dehydration. After some days, you can vacuum it and everything will be sucked by the appliance like live and dead bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. From your bed, down to cracks and crevices should be vacuumed so that no pest will be left behind. 

Call A Bed Bug Exterminator

When all things fail, a bed bug exterminator is all you need and Go-Forth Pest Control's Hickory exterminators are ready to help. A bed bug exterminator knows where to find the pest, how to treat them, and how to stop it from re-infesting your home. 

Is Pest Control The Answer To Bed Bugs?

The truth is YES, it can get rid of bed bugs and it is the answer you need! Pest control is simply the best solution for all your pest problems whether you have bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, or more. The process helps in alleviating the bed bug infestation you have at home by applying proper treatment and techniques that are effective in dealing with the pest. Since pesticides are not enough, in pest control, other means are done that are guaranteed to work best for bed bugs. Every step in pest control is properly done to make it work and to avoid any danger that can harm you, your family, pets, and property.

With pest control, your way to a bed-bug free home is never far from happening. If you need help in eliminating bed bugs or other pests, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one you need.

Why Choose Go-Forth Pest Control?

Go-Forth Pest Control has been in the industry for more than 50 years and is a well-experienced company in the world of pest control. They have been eliminating pesky pests for decades and until now, they never fail in their works.

Go-Forth Pest Control offers exceptional pest control services that are made affordable to everyone. They create a treatment plan that not only works within your budget but will also work for your property. They are always consistent in delivering high-quality pest control that you will never experience from others.

The company’s team of highly trained, professional, customer-oriented, and licensed pest technicians loves to serve their customers and they provide the best pest control that will help in resolving pest issues in properties. They are innovative in exterminating pests as they don’t settle only on old ways of eliminating pests but they also make new ways that are effective yet safe to apply. With the company, you’ll experience a variety of pest control that will end your pest worries.

Go-Forth Pest Control is always ready to serve you wherever you are in North or South Carolina. You can call them at 1-800-841-6113 when you need a professional pest control company to help you.  

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