Can Pest Control Kill Bed Bugs? (Triangle Exterminators)

March 6, 2020

Waking up with several bites all over your body can put a big question mark on your face. You’ll keep on thinking where did you get those itchy and swelling bites well in fact; you clean your bed first before you go to sleep. If you can’t find the culprit and still keeps on getting itchy bites every time you wake up, then you might have bed bugs at home.

You’ve read it right! Bed bugs can be the reason behind the bites you get when you’re asleep. Sometimes, you won’t feel them biting when you’re in deep slumber. You can't stop these bed bugs from biting you because they need you for blood meals. That's why it is never a surprise if you find the pest in your mattress or your entire home.

One way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is by hiring Go-Forth Pest Control to do pest control in your home. Everyone is aware of what pest control can do to vermin found in properties. It helps in controlling the pests, eliminate pesky ones, and avoid infestations from happening. Because of this, many homeowners are relying on the help of pest control.

On the other hand, not everyone is convinced that pest control is capable of killing bed bugs because they think that bed bugs will never be eliminated. Some let the pest do its thing so when the pest is left to enjoy its freedom, bed bugs will keep on infesting and increase their population rapidly. With this, severe infestations can happen in your home.

If you have bed bugs at home, here are the things you need to know about the pest and how pest control helps in killing your enemy.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small so you can’t easily see them if you don’t take a closer look. If you suspect that the pest is present in your home, then what you need to do is get rid of these bed bugs as quickly as possible before it spreads out in your property.

Eliminate Clutter

One way to get rid of bed bugs at home is by removing clutter. Exterminators advise that you keep your home mess-free because the piles of papers, boxes, and more can be a place for pests like bed bugs to hide. The more mess you have, the better for pests because they can quickly hide and will be able to find a place to nest or breed. When bed bugs are around, you must remove all things that can be a place for them to cling and hide like your stuff toys, clothing, bags, luggage, blankets, and more. When clutter is removed, bed bugs will not be able to hide anymore and you can get rid of them quickly.

Vacuum Your Home

If there’s one appliance that can help you get rid of bed bugs successfully, then it must be your vacuum cleaner. Yes, vacuuming is a big help whenever you have bed bugs at home because it can suck all live bugs in your place. Not only that, but the eggs and larvae left behind by female bed bugs are also removed as well so it means the population of the pest will not increase. When you vacuum your home, you should not only focus on the infested areas but also other places like carpets, corners, appliances, furniture, upholstery, and more. Make sure after vacuuming you clean the sack and throw it far from your home so that the pest will not return. Remember, vacuuming can help if only a few bed bugs are around but if it is already an infestation, then what you need is the help from a Triangle area exterminator who are well-rounded in handling pests.

Always Inspect Your Place

One of the reasons why bed bugs thrive in your house is because you don’t check on it regularly. Inspection is always the first step you do in pest control even an exterminator do it because it is essential during the process. Conducting a regular inspection will help you find bed bugs in your home. Remember that bed bugs are not only found today in your beds but they can be everywhere. They can hide in your pillowcases, bedsheets, picture frames, appliances, bags, clothes, luggage, and more. When you check your home, you will know where bed bugs are hiding, staying, and infesting. You'll be surprised to find them in unexpected areas so it is a must that you need to check your home for bed bugs. if you bypass inspection, you will regret it because you’ll never find out if you have bed bugs or not.

Apply Home Remedies

If you have bed bugs at home, you can control them by using home remedies made for the pest. One of the remedies to use is diatomaceous earth. DE is a powder made from fossilized algae that can be safely applied in your home. You can sprinkle it on infested areas and when bed bugs made contact with it, they’ll die eventually because the powder will dehydrate them until no fluid is left. Another is to use sprays that can deter the pest. There are bed bug natural spray repellents that can repel the pest like using essential oils. Tea tree oil and lavender oils are the best because the pest hates the smell. You can apply it to areas they are usually found and when they sense it, they'll run away. if you want to be economical in dealing with bed bugs, you can use some home remedies or if an infestation is already at its worst, Go-Forth Pest Control's Triangle exterminators are the best people to be called.

Are Bed Bugs Killed With Pest Control?

You may wonder about the effectiveness of pest control on bed bugs since the pest is hard to eliminate. Through the years, bed bugs have already experienced a lot of pesticides and because of this; they can already resist any chemical. If you want to kill bed bugs successfully, you need the help of Triangle exterminators to make it happen and here are the reasons why pest control is effective in eliminating bed bugs.

Pest Control Uses The Most Effective Treatments

Exterminators don’t only use one treatment in dealing with bed bugs but they have plenty of them and most of it is considered to be the best. Pesticides are not enough to kill bed bugs so professionals use other means that can effectively remove the pest. Instead of relying on pesticides, professionals look for other ways that are fast and effective in killing bed bugs.

Pest Control Is Fully-Equipped

What’s best with pest control is, you don’t have to worry about killing bed bugs because Go-Forth Pest Control can do it for you and they have the right equipment to achieve your goal. Pest control is capable of killing bed bugs because it has the right equipment that is known to eliminate pests. From inspection down to the application of treatments, there are specific gears used so that the process will flow smoothly. With this, bed bugs will never find a way to escape death.

Pest Control Is Done By Experts

When professionals do the work, you can never ask for more because you got the right people to do the job for you. Pest control can eliminate and kill bed bugs when professionals like Triangle region exterminators do the work because they are well-experienced and have all the knowledge in handling pests. Professionals are aware of how bed bugs behave so they know where to find the pest and can quickly detect if there are indeed bed bugs in your home. Entrusting pest control on professionals will never put you in doubt and problems even in the future.

If you are looking for a pest control company to help you with bed bugs or other pests, Go-Forth Pest Control is the company to call.

Why Choose Go-Forth Pest Control?

There are hundreds of pest control companies in North Carolina but there’s no one that can exceed the expertise of Go-Forth Pest Control.  The company will always be the best one in NC and you’ll be happy to work with them!

Go-Forth Pest Control offers effective and exceptional pest control services that can eliminate pests around your home. Whether you are suffering from mosquitoes, ants, termites, bed bugs, or more, you don’t need to worry because they can help in removing your pest problems.

The company received a lot of positive reviews from its customers and that's because they have the best team of pest exterminators who are highly trained, professional, expert, and licensed. Their expert pest technicians can deliver different methods of extermination that are all effective in eliminating vermin in your home. Rest assured that all their services are safe and friendly to humans, pets, and properties so you are fully protected when the company is doing its job.

Don’t waste time when pests are around, instead make a move by calling Go-Forth Pest Control at 1-800-841-6113 and keep pests out for good!  

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