Do I Need To Wash Bedding After A Flea Bomb? (Kernersville Exterminators)

April 27, 2020

Generally, pests are damaging. They are known to eat the structure, foundation, walls, and more of your home. Their mere presence can already bring a lot of uncomfortable situations because they can bring phobia, illnesses, and inconveniences. Fleas are among pests that you will have at home especially if you have dogs.

Fleas may be small but the infestations they bring can be huge and severe. They don’t typically come on their own but if you walk your dogs or cats in flea-infested areas, the chance of getting the pest is high. Having fleas will make your pets, especially your fur babies more at risk as the pest is not only good at biting that causes allergies but it can only be the reason behind the decline of your pet’s health.

On the other hand, you should not only worry about your dogs and cats but your family and property as well. When fleas can’t find animal hosts, they will look for humans that they can feed on. Your property can be infested heavily as fleas can reproduce crazily in their lifetime. If you don't get rid of them, you’ll never resolve your problem.

Because of flea infestations happening today, people are resorting to pest control and they make use of flea bombs. This is known to be a way for fleas to be killed as it can eliminate pests found on the surface or in the entire property. Though it has risks, flea bombs are useful for some property owners. But, it is always best to seek help from Kernersville, NC area exterminators who are skilled in exterminating pests.

When using a flea bomb, you would like to know if your bedding should be washed right after the application. Know what to do when you use a flea bomb at home.

Should You Wash Your Bedding After A Flea Bomb?

When flea bombs are used, one of the common questions asked by homeowners is about the washing of their beddings after the treatment. This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer because everyone is aware of possible harms that a flea bomb can bring. When a flea bomb is applied in your home, you should know that there are safety precautions you need to do to avoid accidents or risks that will not only affect your pets but your loved ones as well.

If your beddings are left exposed or unkept even before you do a flea bomb, you should stop practicing this habit now that you have fleas at home. According to Kernersville area exterminators, your beddings should be washed after the flea bomb because the chemicals may have been absorbed that can be dangerous if you make close contact with it. You should wash the exposed beddings properly by following the instructions on the label to keep it undamaged. If beddings are exposed to a flea bomb and if you don't wash it afterward, it can cause health risks to your families like respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma. You should wash bedding after because fleas can thrive anywhere. So if your beddings are left unwashed, there is a chance that the pest can still survive especially its eggs. Make sure that when you wash your beddings, it should be done carefully to avoid further damage yet maintain its original quality and aesthetic.

What To Do With Clothes Exposed To A Flea Bomb

Aside from beddings, your clothes can also get the chemicals from the flea bomb. If you forgot to safely keep your clothes before a flea bomb, after the treatment, you have to clean it quickly to get rid of the chemicals. Just like exposed bedding, clothes that have flea bomb residues can be dangerous to humans and even to pets if your dogs or cats’ clothes are exposed as well. The chemicals are toxic so if you have inhaled it or contacted it, your health will be at high risk. You need to wash your clothes properly as well to keep it in good condition.

If you will launder your clothes, make sure to put all clothes first in a plastic bag and tightly seal it. When removing it from the bag, don't forget to wear protective gear like a mask, gloves, and more so that you will not be able to hold the exposed clothes and acquire chemicals. It is best to pre-wash it first with a detergent in a washing machine twice before doing the proper washing so that all chemicals left by the flea bomb will be removed thoroughly. In this way, you will prevent the clothes from accumulating the pesticides when the treatment is done.

According to Kernersville exterminators, when you wash clothes with flea bombs, you have to wash the ones sprayed together but don’t wash too many all at the same time. The water should be warm when washing clothing because cod water does not remove pesticides in fabrics. After washing, dry the clothes under the sunlight as it helps more in removing pesticides but make sure you dry it on areas where your pets and children will not be running or playing around.

Now that you’re done washing your clothes after the flea bomb, don’t forget to clean the washing machine as well. You have to rinse the machine with detergent and warm water to eliminate pesticides. Even the things you have used for washing should be cleaned to get rid of all the marks left by the flea bomb.

Are Flea Bombs Beneficial?

Fleas are pesky so eliminating them is a must. Flea bombs are typically used by homeowners as it is easy to use and can be purchased quickly when needed. Flea bombs or foggers are beneficial because it can successfully eliminate pests found on the surface so if fleas are scattered or hanging out on floors, walls, and more, it will be easier to kill them. Foggers are also good at flea problems since even the larvae and eggs are killed which makes their life cycle blocked. When using flea bombs, you don’t have to worry about it because you only have to activate it in areas where fleas are around. Make sure the canister is pointing away from your face to avoid getting it into your body. If you still need professional help, Go Forth Pest Control are the best people to call.

Are Flea Bombs Dangerous?

Even though flea bombs are beneficial, it also has corresponding drawbacks that make it dangerous as well. If the flea bomb you used at home did not work, maybe you are treating a large area but only used a few ones. That’s why you have to check the area first so that you will know the right amount of flea bomb to use. You have to keep in mind that the chemicals flea bombs contain are highly flammable that’s why if you plan on using it, you have to keep it away from flammable areas or things to avoid fire accidents. When canisters are readily placed in your area, immediately leave so prevent the chemicals from permeating into your clothes and for you to avoid inhaling it.

However, if flea bombs are not enough, it is best to have Kernersville exterminators to do the work in eliminating fleas.

Flea bombs are very helpful to property owners because they can easily prevent infestations. There are times that you want to treat your flea problems first before calling a professional especially if only a few ones are around hence flea bombs could be the answer. With its easy application, it will be faster for you to treat your pest problem. However, not all the time you can rely on DIY pest control because sometimes the result you get is not what you want to happen. When flea infestations are rapidly severing, Kernersville area exterminators must be the people you need to hire for flea control services.

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