Symptoms Of A Flea Disease In Humans

December 3, 2018

Fleas are particularly very small insects about the size of a quarter of an inch. While they may not have wings, they have really long legs on the back parts of their body which allows them to jump really high. They are also insects so you can assume that they reproduce very fast in number and they are often found in fabrics, mattresses and carpets where they can hide and avoid being seen.

Infections Due To Fleas

Humans as much as animals are at large risks for flea bites which can be very irritating as it is painful sometimes. Moreover, owning a furry pet increases the risk for a flea infestation which can on the latter affect both human and pet. Fleas can enter a home in different ways, it could be through a host or even just items that are like carpets and etc. Only, once they have entered a home they can quickly start breeding and reproduce which can become a big problem eventually.

More facts about fleas is that they are practically designed to feed from mammals only sometimes when they can’t find an animal host, then they then feed on humans which is what causes humans to suffer from diseases. Because fleas can transfer bacteria from their hosts to another. Another thing that flea bites can cause on humans are allergic reactions that can range from suffering really itchy skin up to difficulty in breathing which is something to really look out for in a bitten victim. Flea bites also often look like a small red spot but can also appear in groups of not more than four. They look like blister but are actually not.

Fleas bite humans on the area where they can reach. It is usually impossible for them to bite humans higher than the leg part unless the fleas are from the couch or bed the humans come in contact with. Fleas though can sometimes go travel around the body of their hosts which can cause them to spread their bites and have more irritating effects on the hosts.

Symptoms are most of the time skin rashes on the person bitten by the flea. Although there are what can be called secondary infections where a person bitten would need medical attention to aid the severity of the bite. Symptoms would be difficulty in breathing, nausea and swelling of the face or the lips. The person may also experience extreme pain on glands and on the skin area.

While there can be a lot of alarming things that can happen once there’s a flea infestation in a house, there are also tons of ways to prevent it from happening. And one way to do that is to contact your nearest Go-Forth Pest Control branch in order to keep your house clean from any flea infestations. Our company takes pride in providing its customers the right services that can cater up to the very distinct needs of our customers. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and set up an appointment!

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