How To Get Rid Of Furry Pests In Raleigh, NC

August 6, 2018

When one thinks of a generic "pest", a bug of some sort more than likely comes to mind. While countless bugs are indeed pests, the term goes beyond just an insect. Particularly in the central region of North Carolina, we find quite a large quantity of wildlife, including squirrels. These critters largely wonder outside of your property, but at times some do find their way in.

At Go-Forth Pest Control in Raleigh, NC, our technicians are skillful and experienced in ridding squirrels from your home or business in the Raleigh area and beyond. Let us tell you a little bit about these pests and the repercussions that they bring, and why it is important to let us help you if you happen to be facing a squirrel problem.

Squirrel Extermination Made Easy

One the most common wildlife species that we encounter on a regular basis climbing our trees in our yard or running along a lamp post at a park, are squirrels. These critters run up and down branches, overhead wires, your roof and every other climbable place imaginable. They are quite harmless if they remain out of your house, as their typical job is to scurry around collecting and hiding acorns.  

Although they may seem harmless wondering about the outside of your home or business, squirrels can become quite dangerous when they find a way inside. They can reach to a building through overhanging tree branches, where they can reside in your attic, basement or inside walls. They are notorious for chewing up electrical wires and this could cause a major disaster on your property. With this being said, we heavily emphasize the necessity of a professional's help in the case of a squirrel problem. 

How Do They Harm You?

Like we've said, squirrels are harmless creatures when they are existing outdoors, but once they find their way in, they quickly become a nuisance and a potential danger. In order to prevent danger from coming to you upon their invasion, a pest control company should be contacted urgently. Squirrels can dislodge your roof tiles to gain entry into your house, gnaw their way into a siding to get between your walls, and build their nests in attics and basements. Not only does this cause damage to your property, but it creates an entry way for other pests. 

The most threatening danger that squirrels pose is that of a fire. They are likely to bite into electrical wires, which exposes the wires and creates a high risk of a fire. Along with this danger, is the possibility of a squirrel biting you. They generally do not bite unless provoked, so if you try to corner and capture a squirrel on your own it will more than likely react with a painful bite or clawing.   

Preventing Their Entry

 To prevent the entry of squirrels altogether, you need pest control experts to do the job for you. An expert exterminator from a pest control company can not only rid your home of squirrels, but they can aid in the prevention of any future entries as well.  While we strongly urge for you to seek professional help in ridding of squirrels, there are a few ways that you can prevent them from entering your home or business yourself. One way would be to trim the tree branches that are close to your roof, especially since squirrels can jump up to 10 feet.

You can also install wire mesh at any openings that could provide access or create an entryway for these pests. If you choose to do this, be sure to install wire mesh that is thick enough to prevent them from tearing it. Along with these procedures, we suggest that you install some fences around trees and poles to prevent squirrels from climbing them. 

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